Post-Halloween post

As I said before, I didn’t have much of a Halloween this year. My mum was celebrating her birthday so I spent all weekend at her house. It was actually very nice as I got to eat lots of good food and met some relatives I haven’t seen in a while.
Friday night we went to the cemetery to light candles on grandmas grave. My country celebrates All Saint’s Day rather than Halloween and it’s tradition to light candles and lanterns on graves during this weekend. It’s really beautiful to go to a cemetery after dark and look at the lights, hundreds and hundreds of lights… It looks eerie and occult and beautiful.

What did everyone else do? Any exciting costumes? :)

Oh, and below are the rest of my gifts from Angie’s Halloween Swap:

Halloween Swap day 2
Halloween Swap day 2

Day 2 – Something Halloween themed involving persons favourite color
Haha, love the bat!

Halloween Swap day 3
Halloween Swap day 3

Day 3 – Something involving persons favourite fall scent
Pumpkin and cinnamon = <3  

Halloween Swap day 4
Halloween Swap day 4

Day 4 – Something 1$ or less
OMG PEZ! Candy Dracula is living in my office now.

Halloween Swap day 5
Halloween Swap day 5

Day 5 – Something “gross”
Candy again! This is great.

Halloween Swap day 6

Day 6 – Something handmade
My partner said she wasn’t very crafty so she bought me something instead – and I love the little ghost necklace so I don’t mind! :)

Halloween Swap day 7
Halloween Swap day 7

Day 7 – Person’s favourite candy or baked item
These were seriously yummy, they really tasted like peanut butter.

I didn’t take pics of my gifts for Kimberly before shipping, but they are on her Instagram. This was a really fun swap and I’m definitely going to participate next year. :twisted:


  1. 5 November 2013

    I posted my Halloween and Samhain wrap up this morning, so much good food, happiness, and even a fun dress up! I was a Gothic Victorian lady for a self photoshoot. :D Jen and I had a blast. I love this time of year. :love:

  2. 5 November 2013

    I saw you post about this Halloween swap on twitter and I was definitely intrigued! I love this idea. I would totally be up for participating next year! Do they have one for Christmas too? Your little gifts are wonderful and I love the ones you sent too! It’s so cool to see things from all over the world :D

    • 9 November 2013

      Well, there’s been talk about doing a Christmas swap, but I don’t know if it’s really happening or who will arrange it or anything.

  3. 6 November 2013

    Oh wow such fun gifts! Thanks for sharing everything you got in the swap. I especially love the little ghostie necklace, much fun.

  4. 6 November 2013

    That reeses over there is my guilty pleasure. Damn!!! Happy Halloween. <3
    Btw, new reader here. I hope you could check out my blog as well. And maybe, leave a comment on my latest post? Hope to hear more from you. Also, you might want to have link exchnages. If that is so, just let me know.

  5. 6 November 2013

    Had you never had Reese’s peanut butter cups before??? My boyfriend hadn’t until I bought them and forced them on him and he was like “oh shit, these are good.” (He doesn’t react well to too much peanuts.)

    I love All Saint’s Day. I remember studying it in school and being like “why oh why doesn’t my family do that???” It’s awesome.

    • 9 November 2013

      No I hadn’t, we don’t have Reese’s in my country. :glare: But I loved them! Very peanutty!

  6. 6 November 2013

    Ooooh, Reese’s *drool* I love those but I can’t eat too many of them! That Pumpkin body mist looks lovely, too! Nothing like the smell of a fresh pumpkin pie any time you want!

  7. 6 November 2013

    I’m definitely going to have to participate in that Halloween swap next year! Reese’s cups are one of my favorite candies. And the ghost necklace is adorable! I would definitely wear that on Halloween. :heart:

    I stayed at my sister’s for Halloween this year and watched Halloween TV specials and gave out candy to trick-or-treaters. My sister dressed her dogs up like Batman and Wonder Woman. :P

    All Saint’s Day sounds wonderful. I wish we did that here.

  8. 7 November 2013

    Oh gosh, I never had Reese’s peanut butter cups until I emigrated to the USA. Aren’t they the best? :D

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time during halloween (and happy belated birthday to your mother!), All Saints is a wonderful tradition, I hope you took some pictures too! All of your gifts look so nice, I’m definitely going to participate in the swap next year, I found a little too late this year and couldn’t partake anymore, unfortunately.. It sounds & looks like so much fun!

    As for me.. I carved my first pumpkin this halloween, hah! Other than that, my husband and I ate a lot of spooky candy, had a nice dinner in town and watched a bunch of trick or treating kids roam the streets. In other words: we didn’t do anything special, though we did have a good time. :)

  9. 11 November 2013

    Oh my! A Halloween swap! That’s so great, I want to do it next year!!

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