Halloween swap 2013

Halloween Swap 2013

Last month I signed up with the Halloween swap set up by Angie of This Muse Is Taken. You get paired up with someone and send each other a box of gifts to open during the week before Halloween. It sounded like such a fun idea I couldn’t resist!
Especially not since it’s going to be the only Halloween celebrating for me this year. Nobody I know is doing anything and my mum is celebrating her birthday next friday so I’ll be visiting her all weekend. But at least I’ve put a few decorations up around the house – and I’ll have my swap gifts!

My partner is @kimmynotgibbler and this is her first gift:

Halloween swap day 1

Day 1 had the theme “something old or something glittery”.

Halloween swap day 1 - skull

Halloween swap day 1 - skull

It’s a glittery skull! With led-lights inside so the eyes glow in different colours. :D

My gift to Kimberley was a pair of spider earrings in a mini pumpkin box.

I’ll be opening one gift a day until October 31 and posting photos of them on Instagram. (Follow me! *hint hint*) I might blog about them too, we’ll see.


  1. 28 October 2013

    That is such an awesome idea and fun thing to be apart of. I hope you have fun sending and receiving gifts! :D

  2. 28 October 2013

    Wow this is such a fun idea but would require more attention that I have to offer at the moment, haha. I hope you decide to post your gifts you receive since I don’t have Instagram. Happy Halloween, Karin!

  3. 31 October 2013

    What a cute idea! So sad I missed getting involved I love things like this :D

  4. 31 October 2013

    That sounds so cool! I wonder if this will happen again next year? I would love to participate. Haha, the glittery skull’s kind of cute…in a creepy way. Who knew the two concepts work so well together? :yay:

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