First snow 2016

Imaginary Karin - park first snow 2016

The first snow of this winter fell yesterday, on November the 2nd! ?
I know not everyone is as enthusiastic about semi-frozen water as I am, but winter is my favourite season after autumn and it has become a tradition for me to post about the first snowfall every year. And this year it’s a serious snowfall too…

Yesterday morning I woke up to a world covered in a thin layer of mushy wet snow. It was only 0°C so I expected it to melt pretty soon but over the course of the day the temperature dropped and it just kept snowing.
In fact, a day later it’s still snowing! There have even been warnings on TV about severe weather, but I’m not worried. I already have winter tires on the car so I’m good.

The first snow of the season is usually just a few wet flakes in mid-October that melt almost as soon as they hit the ground, but this is early November and it’s quite a thick layer now. I’m cautiously optimistic that this could very well stay. *crosses fingers*

Last year we didn’t get our first snow until November 18, which is really late for this region. I’m glad this winter is off to a relatively normal start, let’s hope it continues in the same fashion.

For the rest of you in the northern hemisphere: have you had snow yet? :)

Imaginary Karin - river first snow 2016

Imaginary Karin - flowers first snow 2016

Imaginary Karin - duck pond first snow 2016


  1. 4 November 2016

    Oh wow, that’s so beautiful! Love your photos! That’s nice that you enjoy winter and the snow :) I know a lot of people get grouchy about it, but for me, the colder weather is refreshing after a hot summer. Sadly, we don’t get snow where I live, so I’ll just have to look at everyone else’s pretty snow photos!

  2. 5 November 2016

    Oh my goodness, the ducks you have around your parts are beautiful. The fact that you get to see them when it’s snowing is amazing too. I love ducks, they are one of my favourite animals :)

    It doesn’t snow where I live, and I have to travel for hours to even see a bit of snow. But luckily I have at least seen snow! I think I prefer cold weather to warm weather, but when it is very very cold, sometimes I do wish it was warm. :P

    • 11 November 2016

      That pond has lots of different birds during the summer and the mallards are usually the last to migrate so one can see them pretty late in the year. I love the green heads of the males, they are really beautiful :)

      It would be so weird living in a place without snow, how do you even know when it’s winter? Haha :D

  3. 7 November 2016

    Oh goodness, I think you and I will get along just fine as friends. I have always loved snow as a child, and when it snows I immediately get excited.

    Honestly though, I have only ever seen it snow once in my life. I was on an outdoor religious treat (I forgot the actual name) for a weekend with my Church, and as we were packing up to leave on Sunday, it started to snow. My Pastor at the time heard my story as I have never seen it snow and he said “This is God’s gift to me.” I’ll never forget that day. If we would have waited one more hour, we would have been stuck up there in the mountains as none of us had tire tracks to go down the hills. Made it out safe and sound.

    I love your pictures, I really do. Especially the one with the roses and the snow on them. Beautiful.

  4. 9 November 2016

    Eee. It looks so beautiful. I always get excited when I see snow. :D

  5. 9 November 2016

    I LOVE snow! Especially the first one, it’s like a magical way to wake up, I always hope it’s going to snow for Christmas, but it always happens later in January where I live. :)

  6. 12 November 2016

    These pictures are beautiful! I wish we got snow like that here. Unfortunately, we only get a thin layer that quickly turns to slush, if any at all. At the end of the year, I’m moving to a state that’s farther north, and the prospect of more snow is one of the most exciting things about the move for me!

    • 30 November 2016

      Ugh, slush is the worst… but I hope you get all the snow you want in your new state! :D

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