Imaginary Karin - park first snow 2016

The first snow of this winter fell yesterday, on November the 2nd! ?
I know not everyone is as enthusiastic about semi-frozen water as I am, but winter is my favourite season after autumn and it has become a tradition for me to post about the first snowfall every year. And this year it’s a serious snowfall too…

Yesterday morning I woke up to a world covered in a thin layer of mushy wet snow. It was only 0°C so I expected it to melt pretty soon but over the course of the day the temperature dropped and it just kept snowing.
In fact, a day later it’s still snowing! There have even been warnings on TV about severe weather, but I’m not worried. I already have winter tires on the car so I’m good.

The first snow of the season is usually just a few wet flakes in mid-October that melt almost as soon as they hit the ground, but this is early November and it’s quite a thick layer now. I’m cautiously optimistic that this could very well stay. *crosses fingers*

Last year we didn’t get our first snow until November 18, which is really late for this region. I’m glad this winter is off to a relatively normal start, let’s hope it continues in the same fashion.

For the rest of you in the northern hemisphere: have you had snow yet? :)

Imaginary Karin - river first snow 2016

Imaginary Karin - flowers first snow 2016

Imaginary Karin - duck pond first snow 2016