First snow 2018

First snow 2018

Time for my early report of the first snowfall! πŸ˜β„

This actually fell on Wednesday, October 3. It’s unusually early, normally we don’t see the first snow until mid- to late October. Sometimes not even until November. But it has been pretty cold… After this nightmarish summer of 30ΒΊC for months I wasn’t expecting autumn to come at all, but luckily it did.

We’ve had normal temperatures for the past month, and this week it suddenly dropped below zero. There’s been frost on the ground in the mornings, but Wednesday it actually snowed. First in the early morning and then again around noon. It’s not much, but I say it’s enough to count.

Wednesday was also Markus’s birthday, so it was a double celebration! He says the last time he had snow on his birthday he was a small child. He’s not as excited about snow as I am though, so I doubt he has paid it much attention.

By now the snow has melted away, but it’s still cold. Crossing my fingers it will continue like this so we get more. I don’t mind if winter decides to come early. 😊

First snow 2018

First snow 2018

First snow 2018


  1. 7 October 2018

    I’m not as huge on snow as I used to be. But we also always get loads here. The pictures you took look pretty though!

  2. 11 October 2018

    I love snow except when I have to drive in it, lol. This are some stunning photos Karin! πŸ˜β„β˜ƒ

  3. 12 October 2018

    Snow is so pretty! Our first snow came early this year too. It was in September this year. It’s all gone now, except for the snow that is falling right now as I look out my window. I am one of the few that like it when it snows. Especially if I don’t have to go out and drive in it.

  4. 21 October 2018

    It looks so beautiful. I find the snow really exciting as well. Summer is just too much and I wish it could be Winter 99% of the time haha. Happy birthday to Markus! :D

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