First snow 2021

Passenger plane standing on a snowy runway

The first snowfall is usually a gentle affair. Just a light powder of white in the grass, or a few flakes mixed in with the rain. But not this year! This year, the first snow was quite dramatic! I may love snow and winter, but it is a bit inconvenient when it snows too much at once. It also caught us completely off-guard…

I usually keep track of the weather and follow the weather forecasts so I know what to expect – but this past week has been very busy and neither I nor Markus paid attention.

Thursday and Friday I was in Stockholm for work. When I left it was autumn as usual, but on the plane home the pilot announced that we might experience some turbulence when coming in for landing as “we’re heading into a bit of a snowstorm”.
And he didn’t lie, it was one of the rougher landings I’ve experienced. The plane shook like it was bouncing along a gravel road. Outside the windows all I could see was this opaque grey mist of whirling snow. It was a relief when the plane finally touched ground!

Not that the car ride from the airport wasn’t much better. There’s no public transport going to where we live, so Markus had to pick me up in our car. And we still have summer tyres on! 😬 What should’ve been a 15 min drive took us over 30 min. We drove no faster than maybe 30 km/h, and we did make it home in one piece.

Dark snowy road going through forest and lit up by street lights
The road home

It’s been snowing all day today. We currently have like 15 cm deep snow outside. And not only do we not have winter tyres of the car but we’ve also not prepped the yard for winter. Today was the day we were supposed to put away the outdoor furniture and rake leaves etc, but I guess not. 😅

The weather has caused a lot of car accidents and power outages too. Luckily we don’t have to drive anywhere for a few days, but we’ve lost power twice now. The outages don’t last so long it’s a problem, but it’s still annoying. Now it’s also pitch black outside and I’ve prepared candles and torched in case the power goes out again and leaves us in complete darkness.

Why oh why do we still have the old-fashioned “airborne” power lines?! Most places have underground lines these days but not this particular village. Sigh.

Black dog rolling in snow

Someone who didn’t give a fig about summer tyres or electricity was Runa. She lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw the snow! 😄 She loves snow and has been running around the yard like a maniac today. If I could only hook her to a battery I’d never have to worry about power outages again!

It’s highly unusual, but I’m actually wishing the snow gone. 😕 This needs to melt away so I can get into town where the winter tyres are stored. And winter prep outside. I do want winter, just not yet! The weather forecast says that the snow will let up tomorrow, and we’ll have some sun next week. I hope they’re right.

White house with a snowy yard and trees behind it
(Psst, this is the house we bought!)


  1. 17 October 2021

    I was secretly waiting for this post :P The snow looks great but I get it that can be an issue without proper prepping. Your new house looks awesome!

    • 20 October 2021

      It’s very pretty, but yeah, it would’ve been even prettier if I hadn’t been stressed out about the lack of prepping. But we got a couple of days where we could get the outdoor stuff done.
      And thanks! I’ll probably post a separate post about the house later 😊

  2. 27 October 2021

    Gorgeous house! I really love it, and the space around it. We had a crazy snow(I live in Texas, USA. We don’t really get snow.) in February and quite literally shut down the state just because we aren’t equipped to deal with that level of snowfall. Looking back a few months later it was kind of amusing. However, unexpected thick snow is never fun, except in photos. I’ll happily live vicariously though you all for my snow, lol.

    • 2 November 2021

      Thank you! 😄 And wow, it must’ve been a huge snowfall to shut down most of Texas. It’s a pretty big state. I’m sometimes low-key jealous of places that shut down because of heavy snow. Up here you’re expected to be prepared and deal with it, so no matter how much it snows it’s business as usual.

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