Zaphod eating salad

Zaphod isn’t picky, he’ll eat just about anything. Sausages and ham of course, but also salad, tomatoes and cucumber, popcorn, cat poo ( :glare: ), oranges and bananas… Anything really.

Except sugar for some reason. He refuse all types of human candy. I once forgot and left him alone with a bar of chocolate (I assume you all know cocoa is toxic to dogs) but when I got back, all worried that he might have eaten it, he hadn’t even touched it.

No wonder he’s so skinny… :P


  1. 1 June 2012

    I’ve never known a dog to like most of those foods you mentioned. In general they seem to not like raw vegetables and find the texture of popcorn weird. … Cat poo is pretty normal though. :glare: I don’t get it. You can feed them meat and nice things, but they’ll still go for it.

    Your video can’t be viewed because it’s “Private”.

    • 1 June 2012

      I know, the nastier the better it seems… :sick:
      I’ve never known a dog that will eat raw vegetables except Zaphod. And one of my dads dogs, she once ate a raw onion :crazy:

      I’ve changed the video permissions now. Can you tell I’m new to uploading videos to YouTube? :roll:

  2. 2 June 2012

    That’s cute! The only other time I’ve seen a dog eat vegetables was my friend’s dog, which liked snow peas. That’s really good that he won’t touch candy. You don’t have to worry about him eating chocolate :)

  3. 5 June 2012

    Aww! My dog won’t eat anything we give him unless it’s meat or cheese, and sometimes he’ll eat bread if it has something on it. My ex-boyfriend’s dog would eat vegetables, though, including raw onions, and he LOVED popcorn. It was one of his favorite things. He would go crazy and get super excited just when he heard it popping!

  4. 5 June 2012

    Min lille (Ludde) äter inte alls grönsaker haha :P Han är lika kräsen som mig. Men min andre hund (som bor hos päronen) äter allt ;)

  5. 7 June 2012

    Haha så sött! :D

    Min gamla hund åt i princip allt, utom pulvermos. Hemmalagat mos gillade han men inte pulvermos. Förstår honom. :)

  6. 9 June 2012

    Thank goodness he didn’t eat that chocolate! I am trying to adopt a dog here in the US but haven’t find the right one yet.

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