Drawing of snowy owl in winter landscape

Happy holidays! πŸŽ„ These drawings might not be all that Christmas-y but I didn’t mean to either. I wanted to do something more generally winter themed. For the past few years, I’ve made bullfinches and yule goats for Christmas so this time I went for a snowy owl and a lynx.

I made these to send as Christmas cards to some Internet friends (Adastra and Kya to be precise) this year, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. :)


  • Ink pens
  • Coloured pencils
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Games Workshop Warhammer paint (raided boyfriend’s stash)
  • Glitter nailpolish (yes, really)

The idea was to make a detailed animal with a sort of grungey unfocused background.

Started with watercolour pencils that I brushed with water, and then used coloured pencils over for more precise colouring. To increase the whiteness and “feel” of the snow I used some waterbased model paint. Don’t know if that’s the best way, but eh, it worked out ok.

You can’t tell from the photos, but the foreground snow and the animal’s eyes are slightly glittering. Did that with a thin coat of shimmery nail polish. Again, I don’t know if that’s the best way, but it looked nice when I did it. :P

Drawing of lynx in winter landscape

Drawing of lynx in winter landscape

Lynx drawing folded as a card

Drawing of snowy owl in winter landscape

Close up of the snowy owl

I’ve celebrated Christmas with my dad and step-mum this year. It was just them and Markus and I, so it was a calm and quiet Christmas. We don’t even buy each other gifts (Officially. Somehow the car is always loaded with stuff after visiting. Mostly food ;) ) so it was super relaxed. We ate food and watched movies, which was a nice.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas (or whatever) and will have a very happy new year! :D