Spring is finally here! :D There’s still plenty of snow on the ground, but the temperature is staying above 0°C even during the night now and it’s melting fast. I can even see my bike!
Yes, I was stupid enough to leave it out for the whole winter… but I think I might be able to pull it out from the snow now. I just hope the tires are ok.

Anyway, I took these with my new camera a while ago and thought I’d share. I know it doesn’t look very spring-like but it’s the best I got. The grass and flowers are still a few weeks away I’m afraid.

On our way home from work.

Zaphod jumps out in the snow after a stick only to discover it’s much to deep for him.

Snowy fields. That big green thing is a lorry trailer and the two black dots in the middle are people.
In case anyone is wondering.

Floppy ears are floppy :P

More snowy fields.

This was taken on March 27, when I took a walk in the woods during Earth Hour. It was snowing like crazy.

Also from Earth Hour. As you can see I encountered a possessed demon dog (unusually fashionably dressed) out there…