Winter scenery photos (with bonus dog)

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

The photo above is not black and white, nature just lost all its colours that day. I love when the frost clings to the trees and make everything white, it’s so pretty!

I always take a lot of photos of nature, but especially in the winter (and autumn). IMO, snow and ice makes everything look just a little bit more magical.

Here’s a photo dump from the past month or so. Scroll to the bottom if you’re just here for the dog. ;)

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

Imaginary Karin - winter scenery

Imaginary Karin - me and Zappo

^ Here’s evidence I could never be a fashion blogger.
This is basically what I look like from November to March: nothing but thick sturdy (and shapeless) winter clothes, usually matched with a face flushing red from the cold.

I like pretty clothes as much as the next girl, but when you’re in the middle of a Scandinavian winter and the temperature drops below a certain threshold, all thoughts of being stylish goes out the window ?

Imaginary Karin - my whippet Zaphod

Imaginary Karin - my whippet Zaphod

The photos of Zaphod are taken by Markus. He recently bought a new camera and borrowed some kind of fancy lens from work, so he has been practising using the dog for a model. I think the photos look really good, I might have to learn how to use that thing too.

Slightly off-topic, but I can’t believe the dog will be 12 years old next month! He used to have a black face with just a white strip down the ridge of his nose, and now he’s all white! But he’s still beautiful, my old boy. ❤


  1. 13 February 2017

    Whoa. These photos are absolutely amazing. :D I adore winter scenery and they are perfect. Hah! Fashion blogging is not important when you are living in a place that is so freezing.

    Wow, 12 years old. What a sweety. :D

  2. 15 February 2017

    Hee hee, I stole all the photos (Zaphod included) to use as wall papers on my laptop. Amazing photos!!! Thank you.

    • 25 February 2017

      Aww thank you, steal away, haha! ❤

  3. 16 February 2017

    Zaphod looks gorge. (omg Zaphod Beeblebrox tho)

    I think you could be a fashion blogger, but basically, screw winter haha. It is really hard to look fashionable in the snow, and I don’t blame you. It’s all just the same coats and beanies and whatnot. ? I think fashion bloggers who are really dedicated to showcasing their outfits (not me even though I do it every two weeks, ha) will sacrifice getting cold to get some photos in some really nice looking clothes that don’t actually keep them that warm. It’s good to be practical. ;)

    I love the photos! Make good use of that lens while you have it… it takes beautiful photos!

    • 25 February 2017

      Yes, Zaphod Beeblebrox indeed haha! And thank you!

      Yeah, winter and fashion isn’t a good match. During warmer days you might get away with something lighter and more stylish, but when it get REALLY cold you don’t have a choice. Do you wanna look cute or do you want to survive the day without frostbite? Pick one ’cause you can’t have both ?
      I’m massively impressed with those braving the elements to show off a nice outfit.

  4. 18 February 2017

    Beautiful photos! I love the scenery in Winter and Autumn as well, but we’ve not had a good snowy Winter in ages. :-( They’ve mostly been very very wet.

    • 25 February 2017

      That’s too bad, wet winters are no fun. :( I hope you get proper snow at least for a day or two!

  5. 19 February 2017

    Beautiful scenery (and gorgeous dog). It looks so peaceful and serene, although I will happily admit to preferring looking at it through my computer screen than the idea of being out in it!

  6. 19 February 2017

    Wow! These pictures are stunning! I love when right after it snows everything is soft and peaceful! You’re so good at nature photography!

  7. 20 February 2017

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL <3
    Amazing photography, and hey the dog is an adorable addition, well, because everyone loves pups! ^.^

    Also, winter for me means I don't care if I look like Frosty the damn Snowman all lumpy and shiz as long as I'm warm! o.O
    Winter is NOT my time for fashion blogging usually.

    • 25 February 2017

      Thank you! When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to have a dog in your post, haha ?

      That’s my take on winter too. I’ll reach for the warmest coat and sturdiest boots I have, fashion be damned!

  8. 24 February 2017

    Wow, you have such beautiful scenery where you live! I love the photos! I agree that snow and ice makes everything look magical. The white tips of the branches looks so pretty.

    Aww, Zaphod looks so cute with his jacket :D He is a beautiful dog indeed!

    • 25 February 2017

      Thank you so much! I’m privileged to live on the outskirts of town, close to the forest. So I don’t have to walk far to find something pretty to point my camera at. :)

  9. 4 March 2017

    I’m a huge nature geek as well – on top of being a weather freak. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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