It’s been very cold here for the past two weeks (ranging between -18°C and -30°C) so I have avoided going outside, but now it’s getting warmer again so I’ve been taking my new phone on some test drives. I wanted to try the camera outside and see how it works. Turns out it works quite well. I’m pleased :)

Winter 2012
The “back side” of the mountain I live beneath. Nothing but trees as far as the eye can see…

Winter 2012
Sunshine in the forest.

Winter 2012
As I’ve mentioned before, I love old barns and storehouses.

Winter 2012 - heart tree
Out in the middle of nowhere I found a tree with a heart carved into it :heart:

Winter 2012 - fallen tree
In October last year I took this photo of a fallen tree. Seems like it’s still there.

While messing aorund with the settings I accidentally switched on the video camera.
Behold my first movie ever:

Masterpiece isn’t it? :P The engine sounds in the background comes from a snowmobile and a tractor. I think the tractor is what Zappo is looking at.
Looks like the video function works too… maybe I should start making movies? (Kidding, kidding)