Only a few more days to go before my summer vacation starts. I love my job, but this week… damn.
The days have been endless. I can’t wait for my 4 weeks of freedom! :D

We actually have something REALLY cool planned for next week:
We’re going to The Medieval Week on Gotland! :rock:

Gotland is a large island off the south-eastern coast of Sweden and, according to the photos and video clips I’ve seen, absolutely stunning. The biggest city on the island is Visby which is this incredibly well-preserved medieval city. It’s full of ruins but also have lots of still intact medieval buildings.
In honor of this they arrange a huge annual festival revolving around the Middle Age. The festival is really big and popular, with visitors from all over the world. I think it will be legendary!

From the website:

“During eight days in August the Middle Age is back. Gotland’s special settings, Visby’s 200 medieval houses on winding lanes, splendid church ruins, and the magnificent city wall frame a spectacle without equal.”

I’m really excited about it! I love knights and castles and all that stuff – and I’ve never been to Gotland. People keep telling me how beautiful and special the island is, it’s one of those places you sort of have to visit at least once if you’re Swedish.

We’re flying down there on monday morning. I wish time could go just a little faster… *taps foot*