Welcome to my new site!


existing only in the imagination or fancy; not real; fancied:
“an imaginary illness; the imaginary animals in the stories of Dr. Seuss.”

fanciful, visionary, shadowy, chimerical, baseless, illusory.

YAY! New domain is live! :D

When fishing around for a new name I tried to define myself. This is a personal blog about pretty much whatever I want to write about. The name should reflect me, and who am I?

Well, there’s one thing that runs like a red thread through most aspects of my life: fantasy.

The books I read, the movies I watch, the games I play, and the art I create is almost always fantasy related. The animals I like tend to be of the weird and unusual division. Even the music I listen to tend to have otherwordly elements (power metal ftw!).

So, I wanted a name that hinted at the fantastical, but still seemed neutral enough that I wouldn’t feel obliged to stick to any one topic or theme. And if possible I wanted my name in there somewhere.

I think I succeeded. :)

That's how we roll in The Shire

For a while I considered deleting my old posts and start fresh, but then I decided against it.
It’s over 5 years worth of posts, and even if many of them are redundant and badly written they’re still a part of my history. I’m going to let them come along, for now.

So all the old posts and most of the pages from Rockwitch.net is here, but I haven’t got around to changing all the links yet.
In other words: there might be a bunch of broken or misleading links. Don’t worry, I’ll get to them. And if I don’t feel free to poke me. :P

Meanwhile, welcome to my new place!
Don’t forget to change any links or subscriptions you might have!


  1. 8 January 2015

    WELL HELLO YOU! Happy New Year! I love the new name. Hope you have fun in your new online home :D

  2. 8 January 2015

    Haha love the name!

  3. 8 January 2015

    The new domain suits you. So…KARIN! Love it, and congrats on the move!

  4. 8 January 2015

    The new name sounds great and the most important thing is that you like it :)
    I personally just LOVE the feeling when I find a great domain name, that matches me in general.

  5. 8 January 2015

    Love the new domain name, it really suits you. :)

  6. 9 January 2015

    I love the new site, it looks great and the name is perfect. :D

    I also laughed at the 404 error, that gif is so funny. :D

    I deleted my older posts on my blog at one stage, and then decided to import them all again because like you, they are apart of the history of my blog and I like to look back on them and the people I had known over time who left comments. :)

  7. 9 January 2015

    Awesome new name! Welcome to your new home!

  8. 11 January 2015

    I like the new site and name! I’m glad you found a name that suits you and that you like :D

  9. 11 January 2015

    Great domain! It’s nice to get a new home and still be able to keep your old archive. I can’t imagine moving again and starting up from scratch again. I’ve done one too many times and always regretted it.

  10. Karin
    11 January 2015

    Thank you all! I’m glad you like the name haha! XD

  11. 13 January 2015

    I love the new name! It’s adorable, really. I’m going to change your link on my page, too :D :D

  12. 20 January 2015

    Yay! Congrats on the new domain. Love the name :)

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