We built a snowman!

We built a snowman yesterday!
Because we’re two adults with nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon.

We're building a snowman - 1

Putting the face on… The eyes are beer bottle caps.

We're building a snowman - 2


We're building a snowman - 3

I hope I never get too a stage where I think playing in the snow is silly.

“Growing Old is Mandatory – Growing Up Is Optional”
Chili Davis

EDIT 26/2: IT DIED! :cry: Curse you weather – it’s not supposed to be this warm in February!


  1. 25 February 2013

    Beer cap eyes AND a pipe? That’s the coolest snowman I’ve seen in a while! :D

    • 1 March 2013

      Haha, he lost his pipe after the photos were taken though. Markus didn’t want it to get damaged. :)

  2. 25 February 2013

    This really makes me wish it snowed in Florida. :(

  3. 26 February 2013

    Oh man! That’s so cool! Haha. I wish we had enough snow to do that! ^_^

  4. Ann-Kristin
    26 February 2013

    Härliga snöbilder. Markus med snögubben har blivit mitt nya skrivbordsunderlägg. :yay:

    • 1 March 2013

      Hittade du den högupplösta bilden? Jag kan skicka den till dig annars :)

  5. 27 February 2013

    Fint! :D Har inte byggt en snögubbe på hur länge sedan som helst. Eller åkt pulka. Det som är så kul! Brukade åka pulka med mina vänner varje vinter när jag gick på gymnasiet.

  6. 27 February 2013

    I’m jealous of all that snow!

  7. 1 March 2013

    That looks like so much fun. :D I have never had that much snow to be able to play and make a big snowman. :heart:

  8. 2 March 2013

    Nice snowman! I wish I could make one ^_^

  9. 6 March 2013

    Cute snowman! I haven’t made one in years.

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