Today is Beltane but here in Sweden we have a tradition of celebrating things on the eve before the holiday in question, so we did the celebrating on Saturday. It’s actually a national holiday here called Walpurgis Night and is (used to be) a celebration of spring and the sun’s return to the North. Nowadays it usually just means massive bonfires, fireworks and barbecue parties outdoors.

Imaginary Karin - Walpurgis Night 2011

My Beltane fire

Me and Markus did barbecue and we could hear lots of fireworks from the balcony, but no bonfire though. We had been out geocaching for hours (only found one. bah.) so we couldn’t be arsed to go see any of the fires. I lit a candle and had a glass of wine and was content with that :)

Did anyone else celebrate anything this weekend? I know 1st of May means something in lots of other places.