Walpurgis Night

Today is Beltane but here in Sweden we have a tradition of celebrating things on the eve before the holiday in question, so we did the celebrating on Saturday. It’s actually a national holiday here called Walpurgis Night and is (used to be) a celebration of spring and the sun’s return to the North. Nowadays it usually just means massive bonfires, fireworks and barbecue parties outdoors.

Imaginary Karin - Walpurgis Night 2011
My Beltane fire

Me and Markus did barbecue and we could hear lots of fireworks from the balcony, but no bonfire though. We had been out geocaching for hours (only found one. bah.) so we couldn’t be arsed to go see any of the fires. I lit a candle and had a glass of wine and was content with that :)

Did anyone else celebrate anything this weekend? I know 1st of May means something in lots of other places.


  1. 2 May 2011

    Sigh, I had a high hope of celebrating Beltane as Jen and I are Wiccan, but we’ve been so out of touch with the religion and lifestyle. THIS MONTH! This month I am going to try my hardest to make Wicca a huge part of my life again!

    I love your fire!!! Happy Walpurgis!!! :yay:

  2. 2 May 2011

    Happy Walpurgis to you as well :) (i’m fairly new to this! hehe!) We have a similar experience though in the winter equinox in March :)! (22nd, the sun starts ‘winning’ over the darkness).

    Bonfires must be so exciting :D

  3. 3 May 2011

    I didn’t know about Walpurgis Night, seems like a lot of cultures and countries have their own cool holiday to celebrate at the beginning of May. :rock: Yay for Spring! I observed Beltane by bringing some flowers in from outside and giving my house a good clean/disinfecting. haha

  4. 3 May 2011

    Haha så du är lika hookad på geocaching som jag är? :D Kul att vi upptäckte det genom att läsa samma blogginlägg! Hur många har du hittat än så länge? Jag har hittat tre och gömde en egen för första gången idag. Hoppas den blir godkänd!

    På valborg drack jag vin och tittade på zombiefilm med pappa och sedan blev det krogen.

  5. 9 May 2011

    Wow I learned a lot about May 1 this year that I never knew before! That is really interesting! :)

    I really want to go geocaching sometime! I think it is awesome!

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