Versatile blogger

Deanna of passed on the Versatile Blogger award to me! Thank you! :D
I actually love silly stuff like these (just as I love lists, and surveys) so I’m more than happy to participate.


– Thank the award giver and link back to them in your post.
– Share 7 things about yourself.
– Pass this award along to 15 other bloggers.
– Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

7 facts

1. I never played with dolls as a child, I didn’t like them at all – but I loved My Little Pony! I had almost 100 of them + the Dream Castle and the Stable and a million other related stuff. I still have everything packed away in my basement. I’ve been thinking about taking it all up and clean it and maybe start collecting ponies as a hobby, but I don’t have enough space at the moment.

2. As a teenager I used to compete in orienteering. I don’t really like sports, but orienteering I love! It’s the one sport that suits me perfectly – no team, no arena, no audience. Just me, my map, my compass and the endless green forest. Can’t get any better than that. ;)

3. I hate heat and warm weather. North Swedish summers are mild compared to most other places in the world, but I still can’t stand most of it. Cold > heat.

4. I’m a huuuuuuge fantasy geek, but I guess you knew that already. :P I’m obsessed with the works of Tolkien. I have a full size replica of Sting hanging in my living room and one day I will have a Tolkien-inspired tattoo somewhere on my body.

5. I’m an only child. As a child I liked not having to fight with any annoying siblings (like my friends), but now that I’m an adult I would love to have at least one brother or sister.

6. What’s the opposite of green fingers? Whatever it is it’s what I have. I’m a plant serial killer. Everything green in my care will die a slow and agonizing death…

7. I’m almost always dressed in black, my wardrobe is like a black hole of darkness… But for some reason I keep buying super-colourful socks and underwear. Preferably with some crazy patterns too.

15 bloggers

15 of my favourite blogs, in no particular order. Here’s a little link love for you! :yay:

I don’t know if any of you have done this already, in that case feel free to ignore.
Of course, you can ignore it anyway but.. yeah. ;)


  1. 20 April 2012

    Tack för awarden! :D

    Haha jag tycker också om underkläder i alla möjliga färger med roliga mönster och motiv! Och precis som du klär jag mig mest i svart. Känns lite som att vi makes up för bristen på färg, där det inte syns.

  2. 23 April 2012

    Aw, thanks for the award! I will try to do this on my blog soon!

    I loved My Little Pony too! I still have a bunch at my parents’ house in storage somewhere. I need to dig through and try to find them sometime. I never played with dolls either. I was a stuffed animals girl. Dolls always kind of creeped me out…

    It’s so cool that you have a Sting replica! I have a replica of The One Ring, but it’s kind of hard to display because it’s so small that I’m afraid it will get lost, so I usually just keep it in a special place in my jewelry box. I plan to get a Tolkien-inspired tattoo as well. For a long time I’ve been thinking of getting either his drawing of Smaug or an Elvish symbol. I just haven’t found the guts to do it yet.

    • 30 April 2012

      I’ve been thinking about a Smaug tattoo too, or maybe the white tree of Gondor. I haven’t found the guts either… I’m a total chicken when it comes to needles :S

      You should have the ring placed on a little pillow under a glass cloche! Kinda like how the Beast kept the rose in Beauty and the Beast. But it might be difficult to put together?

  3. 23 April 2012

    *Gasp!* You still link to me after all this time? Even though my domain names and websites have changed drastically? (well, I’m starting up a new personal website at ^_^ I need to work on a theme)

    Funny, about 98% of my wardrobe is black. However 6 out of 7 days I wear my blue jeans. 8)

    I will definitely give this post a mention, when I get the chance, even though it’s late. Thank you so much. :)

    • 30 April 2012

      Haha, of course! I like you ^_^ I’ll check out your new site!

  4. 24 April 2012

    I don’t understand how people can not like heat. I hate the cold but love the heat. I can’t wait for the summer. Our summers are always too short.

    • 30 April 2012

      I know, right!? Even I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. o_O

  5. 24 April 2012

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this! (Weird, since I’m subscribed to your feed.) This is a sweet honor, Karin! Thank you so much for including me.

    I can see I’m in good company :) Some of these people are just awesome and others I have yet to discover, which is always exciting!

  6. 28 April 2012

    Aw, thank you for the award, Karin! :D I’m honoured to be on the list.

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