Deanna of passed on the Versatile Blogger award to me! Thank you! :D
I actually love silly stuff like these (just as I love lists, and surveys) so I’m more than happy to participate.


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7 facts

1. I never played with dolls as a child, I didn’t like them at all – but I loved My Little Pony! I had almost 100 of them + the Dream Castle and the Stable and a million other related stuff. I still have everything packed away in my basement. I’ve been thinking about taking it all up and clean it and maybe start collecting ponies as a hobby, but I don’t have enough space at the moment.

2. As a teenager I used to compete in orienteering. I don’t really like sports, but orienteering I love! It’s the one sport that suits me perfectly – no team, no arena, no audience. Just me, my map, my compass and the endless green forest. Can’t get any better than that. ;)

3. I hate heat and warm weather. North Swedish summers are mild compared to most other places in the world, but I still can’t stand most of it. Cold > heat.

4. I’m a huuuuuuge fantasy geek, but I guess you knew that already. :P I’m obsessed with the works of Tolkien. I have a full size replica of Sting hanging in my living room and one day I will have a Tolkien-inspired tattoo somewhere on my body.

5. I’m an only child. As a child I liked not having to fight with any annoying siblings (like my friends), but now that I’m an adult I would love to have at least one brother or sister.

6. What’s the opposite of green fingers? Whatever it is it’s what I have. I’m a plant serial killer. Everything green in my care will die a slow and agonizing death…

7. I’m almost always dressed in black, my wardrobe is like a black hole of darkness… But for some reason I keep buying super-colourful socks and underwear. Preferably with some crazy patterns too.

15 bloggers

15 of my favourite blogs, in no particular order. Here’s a little link love for you! :yay:

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