Imaginary Karin - versatile blogger award

I’ve recieved The Versatile Blogger Award from Raisa, thank you very much! :heart:

Everyone seem to be getting awards left and right lately, is it award season in the blogosphere or something? Not that I mind, I love shit like this! :D


– Thank the person who nominated you

– Include a link to their blog

– Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you

– Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly

7 random facts

1. I’m left-handed, left-footed and left-eyed

The only thing my right hand is good for is using a computer mouse, and that’s only because when I first started using computers I was forced to have the mouse on the right side.
Nowadays I can switch between left and right side mouse at will, it’s very convenient actually.

left-handed Flanders

2. I don’t like getting flowers

Maybe I’m wired wrong, but receiving cut flowers makes me sad. All you can really do with them is watch them slowly wither and die. When seeing a bouquet of flowers all I think about is how much longer they would’ve lived and how much more beautiful they would be if they had been allowed to stay where they were.

(Exception: potted plants. At least they got their roots with them and can be kept alive.)

It took my poor boyfriend years to realize I was being serious about not wanting roses. “But it’s romantic!” So is chocolate, and I really really rather have the chocolate.

(You wanna be romantic for realz? Do the dishes. ;) )

3. I have the phone anxiety from hell

Nothing sends me into full panic mode as quickly and efficiently as being faced with having to call someone – even if it’s just to order a pizza. Fuck, even if it’s friends and family. I don’t even like calling my own mother!
Thank the gods for texting and emails…


4. I could live solely on french fries

Can we skip the burger and the milkshake? I’m only here for the potatoes.
I also have very strong opinions about what the perfect fries are like: I want them long, thin, and as crispy as possible. Preferably served with bearnaise sauce on the side, but never ketchup!

5. If I had been a boy my parents would’ve named me Erik

It’s my dads middle name. I think I would’ve been ok with that, I’d make a good Erik.

6. Wolves are my favourite animals

Wolves are such incredibly fascinating animals, for as long as I can remember I’ve been somewhat obsessed with them. My passion has also branched out to include many other canine species and even related mythical beings like werewolves and skinwalkers.

I’ve read more books and watched more documentaries about wolves than you can count. I also own a considerable amount of stuff with wolves on them, like t-shirts and posters and such. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to everything wolf-ish.

Pretty wolf posing

So very beautiful :heart:

7. I’m not allergic to anything!

I mean, of course I haven’t tested myself with every single substance in the entire world, but so far in my life I’ve never had an allergic reaction from anything I’ve been in contact with. And I consider myself very lucky for that!

My nominees

I don’t know who’s already done this, so I’m just gonna tag a bunch of bloggers. Feel free to ignore. :)

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