Turning thirty!

So, today is my 30th birthday! There’s no denying it now, I’m an adult.
As long as you’re a 20-something you can sort of hide behind your youth like it’s ok to not have everything figured out because you’re still so young. I always thought that by the time I hit 30 I’d have my shit together, for real… but I don’t know. I’m less confused now than I was at 20, but I’m still not feeling very grown-up. :P

I was afraid I might develop a 30-year crisis, but honestly, it felt worse last year when I turned 29. Then it was like “OMG my last year as a 20-something! My youth is over!” Now that I actually am 30… it’s no big deal.
I might still colour my hair purple and get a bunch of tattoos, but that’s something I’ve always wanted but never could afford so it’s not a crisis. More like a “yay, I finally have money” thing.

Anyway, I had a nice day.
They sang for me at work (sweet but awkwaaaard!) and when I got home Markus had made me a cake:

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake filled with bananas and chocolate mousse, covered with whipped cream and white marzipan. Yum!

I wasn’t expecting any presents as we’re planning on going on a shopping spree in London, but he had bought one anyway: a wooden wrist watch from WeWood! They make beautiful watches made entirely from wood, and they also plant one tree for every sold watch. :)

WeWOOD wrist watch

As if that wasn’t enough Markus took me out to dinner on Saturday night. We had a seven course dinner at what is probably the fanciest restaurant in town.
I didn’t think to bring my phone or camera so I didn’t take any pictures of the dishes, but it was quite an experience. They specializes in Nordic food so their menu is pretty special. Among other things they served salmon, Icelandic lobster, fried boar and ice-cream made of Arctic raspberries.

This birthday celebration has been really drawn out, it’s like it goes on forever. I already celebrated with Markus parents, then again this weekend + today, and next weekend I’ll probably go to my parents and celebrate once again. I’m about so set a record for number of birthday cakes received. :P
But I’m not complaining, one can never have too much cake, haha!


  1. 25 March 2013

    Happy Birthday, Kain! *party time* Trust me, you are only as old as you feel. I am turning 33 this year. Still don’t have my shit together & I act like I am twenty-something. I have never grown out of my first childhood & never intend to.

    • 28 March 2013

      Isn’t there a quote by someone saying that “growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”? ;)

  2. 25 March 2013


  3. 25 March 2013

    Stort grattis på födelsedagen! :) Jag lär ha min 30-års kris i augusti när jag fyller 29 ;)
    Riktigt fin klocka du fick! :D

  4. 26 March 2013

    Happy birthday!! What a pretty and delicious looking cake. 30 Is the start of a new decade, so I hope I get to party hard too when I get to 30. :rock:

  5. 26 March 2013

    Happy Belated Birthday Karin! That cake looks delicious and the watch is gorgeous – defiantly something I’d wear myself. My birthday is in a little over a month and I’m dreading it (25), not sure why but I’ve always had this egh I don’t want to be 25 feeling.

    • 28 March 2013

      I was really upset about turning 25 too! But it was the same then as it was now with 30 – it was worse before the birthday. When the actual day arrived and it was official the dread just sort of melted away. The world didn’t end so I guess my brain just got bored and went to find something else to obsess about…

  6. 27 March 2013

    I’m terrified about my upcoming 26th birthday and I’m sure the next three years will be absolutely horrifying and devastating because I’m not getting any younger and that scares the shit out of me but this post gives me hope about the big 3-0 looming in the future. I hope to not give a shit, I really do.

  7. 27 March 2013

    Happy Birthday! I am really glad that you did have a good time and have been able to celebrate it so many times. :D The watch looks really amazing, what a unique item. :)

    I am also glad that since you have turned 30 and it has happened it hasn’t been a big worry. I try and calm myself now. I think the most I freaked out was when I turned 21 (I am now 26) and realise that it was a bit silly. But I feel a bit the same, still not grown up, still clinging to that whole my youth is evaporating. Maybe it is more of the fact we have a lot of things we want to do, and some of them people might assume are immature? We just have to do what we want, forget what anyone might think of us. :yay:

  8. 27 March 2013

    Happy birthday! It all sounds wonderful and the cake is gorgeous. I’m sure your 30s will rock. Work it.

  9. Ann-Kristin
    27 March 2013

    Inte dumt med 7-rätters middag, det har jag aldrig provat. Vad var det för rätter?
    Vilken härlig tårta du fick av Markus. Hoppas den var lika god som den var fin.
    Klockan var nice också. ;)

    • 28 March 2013

      Tårtan var jättegod! Han är så duktig :)
      Här har du menyn: Bryggargatan Det var verkligen en upplevelse, väldigt fint och spännande.

  10. 28 March 2013

    Happy birthday! :yay: That cake looks soooo yummy, and what a gorgeous watch! I like that they plant a tree for every watch they sell. That’s awesome.

    I think I will probably freak out when I turn 30. I kind of freaked out about turning 25. :P Mainly because I still haven’t finished school, and I feel like I should definitely be done with that by now, but money and a full-time job make it difficult. :/

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