It’s been almost 7 months since Zappo passed. It both feels like it was yesterday and ages ago at the same time.

Plenty of people grieve their pets by immediately getting a new one, and I can’t say I blame them. We all deal with shit in our own ways. For me though, I haven’t felt ready for it just yet. I still feel a bit like the title of My Dog™ is reserved for Zappo. He was mine, my friend and companion, and all these other dogs are just…… dogs. Does that make any sense?

With that said, after reflecting on losing my motivation and basically turning into a sad couch potato, it seems clear that I probably need to get a new dog.

Also, I want to get one before I get “stuck” and stop wanting one. Like, if you fall off a horse you’re supposed to get up in the saddle again as soon as possible, to prevent developing a fear of riding/horses. Maybe it’s a good idea with dogs too? I don’t want to wait so long that I get used to not having one and then it will seem like too much work. Does that make sense either?

So. We’re definitely gonna get a new dog, I’m hoping sometime next year. :)

It is kind of a big project though, to find the right breed and the right individual… Not gonna lie it feels a bit daunting. Especially since I’ve decided to not get another whippet.

Why not another whippet?

It’s kinda sad because whippets are amazing. They do however have one issue and that’s their fur. Or lack of fur rather.

Of course, it’s reasonable to put a jacket on the dog on a day with extreme weather, but I feel it shouldn’t be required every single day just because it happens to be winter. Especially not since I live this far north – it’s winter a lot around here. And I’m a winter person, I prefer being outdoors in the cold and snow rather than in summer heat.

I loved Zappo but my next dog should be a little more robust and better adapted to this northern climate. Also, there are so many amazing breeds out there. I wouldn’t mind trying something new. :)

Why I’m going to “shop” rather than adopt

I see a lot of “adopt, don’t shop” online and how it’s so much better to get a shelter dog. I won’t be doing that and the short reason why is: there are not a whole lot of “rescue dogs” in my country.

Sweden doesn’t have the same problem with homeless dogs as many other countries. Dogs are considered valuable and cost a lot of money to buy, even mixed breeds. Any dog seen roaming around on its own will be caught asap and steps will be taken to find its owner. There are basically zero strays.
Because of this, there isn’t a market for shelters either. There’s only one shelter in the whole country and it’s down in Stockholm. Unfortunately, most of their dogs are very demanding working breeds and “bully” breeds. Both of those are types I don’t want. Getting a dog from there doesn’t seem like a rational option for me.

Pet stores are not allowed to sell dogs either. Or cats or any animals other than certain species of rodents and birds. The law considers it cruelty to keep most animals in cages in such stressful environments. Our pet stores are for buying supplies rather than actual pets. Something I’m glad about!

The only way to get a dog (apart from that one shelter) is to buy one directly from its current owner/breeder.

I’ve started doing some research into suitable breeds and will probably post more about that in the future.
Hope y’all like reading about dogs, haha! ;)

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