Things to watch on TV

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I fail at television. I watch an episode of something great and I say to myself “I have to remember to watch this next week” but I hardly ever do. Apparently it’s impossible for my brain to remember the day, time and channel all at once.
As a result, I don’t really follow what’s on TV and as a result of that, I rarely understand what people are obsessing about over at Tumblr, Twitter and

However, I am trying to do something about that. This is my watch list for the winter:

The Tudors

I love this show :love: I love the cast and the costumes and the whole story is put together beautifully. Bonus points for making me want to RUN to the library to read everything I can find about the 16th century and the Tudor dynasty!

I’ve seen almost the whole series now, I’m on the very last episodes of the very last season! I’m not ashamed so say I’ll probably cry like a baby during the finale.

Vampire Diaries

I’ve already seen all of season 1 and 2, so the challenge is to keep up with season 3.
This show is a guilty pleasure of mine, I wrote about it earlier this year. I’m still Team Damon all the way :P


Just started watching it and is about halfway through season 1. It’s the same deal as with Vampire Diaries right now, it’s kinda cheesy and low budget – but in a fun way. Must say it has a great soundtrack too! Lots of old-school, classic rock!

Problem: the show is already on its 7th season. How the hell am I supposed to catch up when I’m like 6 years behind? :doh: I wish all shows were like The Tudors… a complete story wrapped up in 4 seasons with 10 episodes per season. That’s something I can manage.

The Walking Dead

As I’ve said before, the characters are obviously idiots – but I still love this show. If nothing else so for the fact that the zombies look absolutely amazing. If you can say that about zombies… Now that the new season has finally reached Sweden I will do my best to keep up.

I also have every intention to watch Game of Thrones but the new season is still months and months away… :( At least I found and bought the first 2 books in the series by George R. R. Martin. Books are always better than TV shows and movies anyway ;)

Ok, those are the shows I have assigned myself to keep track of. I don’t think it looks like a lot, especially since The Tudors will be finished soon and I’m already up to speed with The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.
But I have a few more shows I intend to watch (someday):

  • Grimm
  • Dr Who (Only has like 350 seasons. No problem.)
  • Being Human (UK version)
  • Episodes (Stephen Mangan + Tamsin Greig = love)
  • True Blood
  • Merlin

What are you guys watching? Any suggestions?


  1. 15 November 2011

    I’m like that to, always forgetting to watch the shows I like and forever playing catch up – thankfully I have Sky+ to record my programmes!

    Out of the ones you’ve listed, I’ve only really watch some of Supernatural – I do plan to watch all the seasons of it eventually and very few episodes of The Tudors. Personally can’t stand The Vampire Diaries!

    Watch Doctor Who (26 seasons (1963–89) plus one TV film (1996) & currently 6 seasons (2005–present ;) )), Being Human (UK), Merlin and True Blood quite religiously lol! Would recommend them, also Doctor Who has sister shows Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures (Really like the former, but not watched much of the latter – has a couple cross over episodes).

    Over shows I have got into recently are Ringer and the Big Bang Theory.

    There are also a few UK dramas – Holby City, Casualty and Waterloo Road that I like to watch.

    I’m sure there are more I could recommend – again I thank Sky+ or I’d never get to watch anything!

    • 16 November 2011

      I’ve heard about Ringer, been thinking about giving it a try since Sarah Michelle Gellar is in it :)

  2. 15 November 2011

    I’m a bit of a TV addict, so I could go on forever about all the shows I love. :P I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, though.

    I love The Tudors, but I’ve only watched the first two seasons. I need to catch up! I’ve always been fascinated by the Tudor family, and even though the show is not historically accurate, it’s still sooo pretty and interesting to watch. I have a major crush on Henry Cavill too.

    The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I’ve also become a huge Doctor Who fan, so I definitely recommend checking that show out when you can. I would recommend starting with the David Tennant seasons. They kind of rebooted the show with him, so it’s not required that you have to go all the way back and watch from the very beginning. Plus, David Tennant is the best Doctor anyway, in my opinion. :P

    I haven’t watched Grimm yet, but I really want to as well. I watched the first episode of Once Upon a Time and it was pretty good, but I’ve heard that Grimm is the better of the two fairy tale-related shows on right now.

  3. 15 November 2011

    My husband and I are addicted to a few t.v. shows. Mostly because we have no lives outside of work and child rearing.

    Out of the ones you have listed I’ve only seen The Walking Dead which I am ADDICTED to. And currently, the other 2 shows that own my soul are Sons Of Anarchy and Dexter. Love them all, I look forward to them every weekend!

  4. 15 November 2011

    Jag följer också “The Vampire Diaries”, “Supernatural” och “The Walking Dead”.. “True Blood” är en favorit och jag planerar att titta på “Grimm” och eventuellt “Being Human”. Jag har en lååång lista på TV-serier jag tänkt titta på någon gång då jag har tid men jag har ju tyvärr aldrig den där tiden…

    Några serier jag kan rekommendera är “Glee” och “Eureka”. Vill du se något som går fort att titta igenom rekommenderar jag “Jericho”, en post-apokalyptisk serie som bara sändes i drygt trettio avsnitt. “Hex” är en annan äldre serie som handlar om magi, även den sändes i endast ett fåtal avsnitt. “Survivors” är ytterligare en nedlagd serie, en post-apokalyptisk sådan. “Freaks and Geeks” är också en äldre serie som sändes i endast en säsong. Den är pure gold! Helt fantastisk!

    • 16 November 2011

      Jag har sett hela Jericho och jag älskade den! Fattar inte att dom la ner den… :( En säsong till hade dom gott kunnat göra.
      Freaks and Geeks såg jag när jag var yngre! Borde kanske försöka få tag på hela serien och se om den för jag kommer ihåg den som jättebra.

  5. 16 November 2011

    Let me second The Vampire Diaries! I started watching it on a whim and now I’m completely hooked. Love that show! Also, True Blood gets a thumbs up from me. The thought of Eric Northman and Damon Salvatore in one room? That crossover needs to happen.

    I also have mad love for Parks and Recreation. That show is heartwarming hilarious fun.

    I’ve been tempted to watch The Tudors but I haven’t started yet.

    If you haven’t watched or read Game of Thrones, you must start! Based on your show likes, I think it’d be a solid win. Camelot was a good show too, but discontinued due to star scheduling conflicts. But Eva Green as Morgan le Fay? Gold.

    I love tv. Although I only ever watch it online and usually get caught up that way. Putlocker and I have a serious relationship. :heart:

    • 16 November 2011

      I did watch the first season of Game of Thrones and I loved it! I just can’t believe how long they’re making me wait for the next season :glare:

      Are you sure putting Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgård in the same room would be a good idea? I’m worried that TV sets all over the world would start melting from the heat… ;)

  6. 18 November 2011

    Yes yes yes Doctor Who! I believe that if you like Supernatural, you should like Doctor Who. I like telling everyone that there is something in it for everyone – there’s some science fiction, action, horror, fantasy, romance, drama… it’s also humourous. I think you’re fine to watch from the new series though – the 2005 and onwards. :)

    I used to watch Supernatural myself but somewhere during season three it felt repetitive and boring. I also tend to watch shows and try to watch them every week but I forget and it’s obviously not that important for me to continue. Doctor Who is the only thing I really follow… xD I’m pretty bad with shows. If I want to watch them or someone recommends them I usually wait until the season’s finished and get my hands on the lot at once, so I can watch in my own time.

    As for the other shows you mentioned I haven’t watched them. :P I also get curious when people go hyper about shows, but they all don’t seem like my kind of thing in the first place so I never check them out.

  7. 19 November 2011

    Start Doctor Who with the 2005 S1. It’s FANTASTIC and it gets even more BRILLIANT later on. ;) If you’re bored after that, you can still start watching the old show (1963). Oh, and don’t forget Torchwood when you’re done with the Doctor.

    Ringer is quite okay, but a bit soap opera like sometimes…

    I’m currently watching Boardwalk Empire, which is grand. So delightfully 1920’s ;) Other than that, I can highly recommend True Blood, Fringe, Dexter and Rome. (If you don’t know them already). I personally think Walking Dead is a bit overrated.

    By the way, are there any cool, addictive Swedish TV shows? ;)

    • 20 November 2011

      I’ve heard good things about Boardwalk Empire. And about Dexter. Might have to gheck them out, if I ever get through the shows I already watch :P

      As for Swedish TV shows… no. We make movies, reality shows and documentaries – but not much else to be honest. Maybe some crime drama I’ve never watched since I don’t like that type of shows. :/

  8. 19 November 2011

    You clearly have fantastic taste in TV shows! If you dig The Tudors (the finale is so sad!), you might like The Borgias. Different time period and setting, of course, but still based (at times loosely) in fact and with its own lovely scenery and costumes (and, um, people. Cesare is all kinds of glorious).

    You definitely should give True Blood a go as well. It’s painfully cheesy at times, and Sookie makes me homicidal (I’m just sayin’, she needs to go away. -_-), but otherwise, it’s seven kinds of Great Guilty Pleasure. Especially Pam and Lafayette.

    Doctor Who is so, so hard to keep up with. I gave up trying on the “old” seasons and have stuck with the seasons since it was resurrected (starting from Nine, basically). Still a lot of episodes, but more doable.

    And, of course, I always have to recommend American Horror Story (it’s incredibly strange and a little out there, but good) and Hell On Wheels. ;D

  9. 22 November 2011

    I looooove Vampire Diaries. So sad it’s on hiatus till next year D:

    You should definitely watch Doctor Who, even if you start with from when it began again in 2005, you can always go back and watch the “Classic Who”.

    I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time and have been loving it so much, I was so sad it wasn’t on because of the AMAs this week.

    Oh and I agree with The Borgias!

    Other noteable shows: Sherlock (BBC), Hex, Skins, Community, New Girl, Downton Abbey :yay:

  10. 30 November 2011

    Supernatural! I am a big SPN fan, I love that show! And, fyi, while the show is on season 7 and season 7 has been pretty interesting, the show creator actually had a complete ending at the end of season 5, and the show was supposed to be over. He has not worked on seasons 6 or 7. So… while you can always watch on, if you want an intended ending, season 5 was it. And man, the season 5 is AMAZING!!

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