I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I fail at television. I watch an episode of something great and I say to myself “I have to remember to watch this next week” but I hardly ever do. Apparently it’s impossible for my brain to remember the day, time and channel all at once.
As a result, I don’t really follow what’s on TV and as a result of that, I rarely understand what people are obsessing about over at tumblr, Twitter and TheFanlistings.org.

However, I am trying to do something about that. This is my watch-list for the winter:

The Tudors

I love this show :love: I love the cast and the costumes and the whole story is put together beautifully. Bonus points for making me want to RUN to the library to read everything I can find about the 16th century and the Tudor dynasty!

I’ve seen almost the whole series now, I’m on the very last episodes of the very last season! I’m not ashamed so say I’ll probably cry like a baby during the finale.

Vampire Diaries

I’ve already seen all of season 1 and 2, so the challenge is to keep up with season 3.
This show is a guilty pleasure of mine, I wrote about it earlier this year. I’m still Team Damon all the way :P


Just started watching it and is about half-way through season 1. It’s the same deal as with Vampire Diaries right now, it’s kinda cheesy and low budget – but in a fun way. Must say it has a great soundtrack too! Lots of old school, classic rock!

Problem: the show is already on its 7th season. How the hell am I supposed to catch up when I’m like 6 years behind? :doh: I wish all shows were like The Tudors… a complete story wrapped up in 4 seasons with 10 episodes per season. That’s something I can manage.

The Walking Dead

As I’ve said before, the characters are obviously idiots – but I still love this show. If nothing else so for the fact that the zombies look absolutely amazing. If you can say that about zombies… Now that the new season has finally reached Sweden I will do my best to keep up.

I also have every intention to watch Game of Thrones but the new season is still months and months away… :( At least I found and bought the first 2 books in the series by George R. R. Martin. Books are always better than TV shows and movies anyway ;)

Ok, those are the shows I have assigned myself to keep track of. I don’t think it looks like a lot, especially since The Tudors will be finished soon and I’m already up to speed with The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.
But I have a few more shows I intend to watch (someday):

  • Grimm
  • Dr Who (Only has like 350 seasons. No problem.)
  • Being Human (UK version)
  • Episodes (Stephen Mangan + Tamsin Greig = love)
  • True Blood
  • Merlin

What are you guys watching? Any suggestions?