Things I find in the woods: part II

Here’s a sequel to the post Things I Find In The Woods, featuring random crap I find while wandering around out in the wild. 🌲 (“The wild” is hyperbole, none of these things are more than an hours walk from my home.)

I’ve been walking these woods for the past 9 years, but I’m still finding new things every now and then. There’s always something you missed before, or new things appearing. Especially since much of the landscape around me is steep and rocky and the forest is dense, so if you walk just a few meters to the left or right you’ll miss something.

So, here are a few more oddities I’ve encountered:

“Moose-dragging thing”

I don’t know what they’re called in English, but hunters use these to move moose after shooting them. Or at least I think that’s what it is. Must be missing the platform to put the carcass on, but I can’t imagine what else it could be. And the label on the black box is the name of a popular hunting magazine.

Moose are HUGE so if you shoot one you need a vehicle and some kind of sled or wagon to drag it out of the woods. “Moose-draggers” as we call them come in many different varieties and some people even make their own.

I was a little surprised to find it as I didn’t think this particular part of the forest was a hunting ground. Good thing I always wear my fluorescent orange cap during hunting season – even if I don’t think I’m walking through hunting areas!

Bird feeders and a shovel

This is cute, someone is feeding the birds! Lots of people have bird feeders in their gardens, but someone is making an effort to feed birds way out in the woods too.

This is really far from the nearest house, and up a steep ridge so not the easiest place to get to. Especially not in the winter, which I assume the shovel is for. But if they go there in the winter and need to shovel their way there, why don’t they take it back to their house? Or are they wearing snowshoes to get there? But if they have snowshoes what’s the purpose of the shovel? 🤔

Regardless, it’s sweet to imagine someone going all the way out there to feed birds. Maybe a bird watcher? 😊🐦

Old campfire

This isn’t all that exciting, but I’m including it anyway. Looks like the remains of an old campfire. The ash and coal have been overgrown but the stones are still there.

90 degree split

I hope you can tell from the photo: the stone has cracked in a perfect 90-degree corner. It’s probably by natural causes, there are lots of split stones in the area, but it looks so intentional. Perfect angles are unusual in nature. Weird how the little bit on top hasn’t come off.

Bonus photo of Runa standing on another split stone, looking all intense. Like she imagined she was in a Jack London novel for a second. 😄

Collapsed shed

This tiny shed is surrounded by very dense young forest, it’s amazing I even saw it. I found no clues as to what it could’ve been or what was in it, but it’s not too far from a power line. Guessing it’s got something to do with that. Maintenance supplies or similar. But why did they leave it like this?

I like the door. Old grey wood is so beautiful imo. 🤍

This weird tree

Some refuse to give up! 💪 I wonder why the original trunk got bent like that? Heavy snow can bend trees, but it looks thick and long. Like the tree grew to a decent size, big enough to be above the snow, and then got bent. Maybe it broke and then the bark grew to cover the wound? It does look weirdly thick right over the curve. If only trees could talk!!

Garbage 😡

Finding shit like this makes my blood boil. Little random bits of food packaging is one thing because it’s just as likely animals taking it from trash bins or recycling stations. And while it’s still bad it’s not someone deliberately littering. But whole piles of mugs and beer cans and liquor bottles? That’s not animals and it’s not random.

If you can be arsed to bring whole bags of bottles and cans all the way out there then surely you can be arsed to bring the empty containers back with you? Bloody lowlifes…

To end on a more positive note: we bought our house! 🥳🏡 We’re moving in a few weeks so soon I’ll have a whole new area to explore. It is out in the countryside so lots of farms around, and a huge lake, and of course the evergreen sea of trees. Can’t wait to see what I can find in the woods around our new house! 😃