The Yule Goat

Imaginary Karin - yule goat drawing

Despite the best efforts of pre-medieval evangelists, Scandinavian culture is still full of old pagan traditions. One of them is the Yule Goat, an old Christmas/Yule symbol.

There are many theories where it comes from, but its true origin is lost in history. In some traditions the goat is actually the one bringing presents to children instead of Santa, but I don’t think anyone follows that today. All I know is that it’s very common to have goat decorations up during Christmas, usually goat figures made of straw and wrapped in red ribbons.

And I’m still trying to figure out ProMarkers…

They feel rather unforgiving compared to coloured pencils, the thickness of the tips makes it difficult to be precise and add fine details. I also keep forgetting that I can’t vary the opacity just by changing the pressure on the paper. But at the same time that intensity of the colours is what drew me to ProMarkers in the first place. I just need to keep practising.

Maybe I should try working with bigger drawings? And try some more cartoonish styles, I think that would suit the medium better?

Anyway, happy belated holidays!
I hope everyone had a decent weekend with lots of good food and nice presents. :)


  1. 27 December 2015

    That’s an awesome drawing, I can’t draw for nothing.

  2. 29 December 2015

    First of all, I hadn’t heard of the yule goat. That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing! Second of all, I didn’t realize you drew this at first. I really like it! The colors are striking. Like, I would put that on my wall. I dig it. :) So, again, thanks for sharing that!

  3. 30 December 2015

    This is awesome! I never knew about that tradition. I think it would be awesome if kids thought the Yule Goat brought presents and they got photos in the mall with a goat :D

    I think you did a great job with this, even though you weren’t too confident with the markers.

  4. 30 December 2015

    Wow, your drawing looks great! I love the details on the goat and how you colored the horns :) I didn’t know about the Yule Goat tradition, so I thought that was interesting to read! I hope you had a happy holiday, and happy new year!

  5. 11 January 2016

    I love the illustration it looks amazing.

    Happy belated holidays to you. >.<

  6. Ann-Kristin
    15 January 2016

    Vad duktig du är. Really awesome drawing.

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