Warcraft movie poster

I’ve seen the new Warcraft movie now and… I actually liked it. :) I didn’t expect to, movies based on games rarely work, so it was a happy surprise. Of course, you have to take it for what it is: an action movie with lots of glittering magic and unrealistic armour and a rather basic plot, but it was enjoyable.
The graphics are gorgeous and very visual, both the characters and the landscapes are stunning. I also think they did a good job of showing the story from both sides and how the orcs are not just evil invaders.

What didn’t work for me was Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar, but it wasn’t really his fault. I’ve just watched so much Vikings that it’s difficult to see him as anyone other than Ragnar Lothbrok. Especially since he talked the same way.
In Vikings, Travis/Ragnar has a special way of talking that I always assumed was the actor trying to imitate a Scandinavian accent – but he sounds almost the same in Warcraft too! Not quite as pronounced, but it’s definitely there. Either way, all I saw was Ragnar with more hair and a fancy sword.

I also wish I knew more about Azeroth and World of Warcraft lore in general. The movie probably would have been even more interesting if I had recognized the places and people they were talking about.

I have played World of Warcraft, but not very much. I bought a 1 month subscription once, several years ago, and I’ve also played occasionally whenever Blizzard has had a promotion campaign and granted me a few days for free.

Imaginary Karin - World of Warcraft troll warrior

This is my warrior Hjördis, I kinda wish I had her hair IRL

My highest level character is a Troll Warrior that I managed to get to 25 some time last autumn. Haven’t played at all since then (I logged in today purely to take the screenshot above).

The game has a huge world with a metric shit-tonne of content, lots of cool races (they have werewolves! WEREWOLVES!!) and classes to play, mounts and pets and other collectable stuff. It has all the ingredients, but I just never clicked with it. Which is strange as I love MMO’s and by all accounts should be a huge fan of the biggest and oldest of them all.

One gripe is the combat system feeling like wading through syrup. Am I really just supposed to stand still in one spot and press the skill keys? Or perhaps the combat gets more fun and dynamic when you reach higher levels?

Another issue I’ve found is that nothing seems to be shared between players. Mobs and mining nodes seem to belong to whoever hits it first so you have to compete with everyone else for them. I actually get kinda scared whenever I run into another player because I feel like we’re in each other’s way and should get away from each other.

If the game was free to play, or if I just had to pay for it once like Guild Wars 2 (my current MMO of choice), I would probably give it more chances. It probably hasn’t stayed alive this long for no reason, so it must have qualities I just haven’t seen yet with my limited playtime. Unfortunately, for me it’s just not worth the monthly subscription.

Still, the movie was good. I hope they make a sequel. :)

Does any of you play WoW and if so, what do you think of it?