I was thinking about participating in NaBloPoMo… Yeah, look how well I’m doing so far. :roll: It’s like with these 30 Days challenges floating around, sounds good in theory but I never ever manage to keep up. Guess I’m just way too unorganized (or lazy) to keep any form of schedule.

That was a sidetrack however, what I was really going to say was this: We’re keeping the cat!

She came to us as a foster cat from the local animal protection association in August 2011. That means she’s been living with us for over a year and we finally decided to stop avoiding the obvious. She’s not going anywhere, why would she? ^_^

Imaginary Karin - Maja and Markus watching telly

Every time Markus lays down she has to curl up on his chest. Such a daddy’s girl.

Now that she’s officially ours I can also say that some time ago we’ve changed her name from Bella to Maja. The name Bella was given to her by the association and it just doesn’t suit her very well. Also, it makes me think of Twillight (not ok). She’s a Maja to us. :)

Not that she actually listen to anything else than us meowing at her or the fridge opening…

I think Zappo will be ok with it too. Since we moved to the house she has stopped stealing his bed for some reason, so he has nothing to complain about anymore. :)