Summer vacation 2014

I’m officially on summer break right now.
We get 4 weeks off work every summer, and right now I’m on my first week. The next 3 weeks will be spent visiting parents and just enjoying the freedom. (Especially the freedom of getting to stay up at night and sleep in the morning!)

I tend to hibernate in the summer and will probably not be blogging until work starts again, so if you want to know what I’m up to I suggest following me on Twitter or Instagram.

Have a nice summer!
Eat lots of ice cream and remember to wear sunscreen!

Yeah, it looks nice, but the water was bloody freezing!


  1. 18 July 2014

    What a great vacation :) I hope you get this month off paid :D Haha, enjoy the fun and sun and ice cream!!

    • 21 August 2014

      Yup, I get my normal monthly salary. :) If you work full time, it’s standard procedure to get 4-5 weeks of paid leave every year.

  2. 21 July 2014

    Oh, awesome! I hope you have a wonderful vacation this summer! 8) Keep cool and enjoy your time off!

  3. 22 July 2014

    That’s awesome that you get 4 weeks off every summer! I hope you have a great vacation :D Enjoy sleeping in! That’s my favorite part of taking off, haha.

  4. 3 August 2014

    Enjoy your vacation! – Sat eating an ice cream with mild sun burn typing this lol x :)

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