My hair is currently driving me insane. I’ve had a sidecut (right side of head long-ish, left side buzz cut) for quite a while, but now I have some ideas for other haircuts I want to try and thus I’ve decided to grow it out. Sounds simple, but no.

Apparently my hair grows straight out from the skin – and I mean straight out, like an agitated hedgehog. And it refuse to lay down. No amounts of wax, spray or gel can tame it. It. Stands. Up.

Imaginary Karin - stupid hair

Seriously..? It looks like I tried to cut my own hair like some 3 year old!

Now, do I:

a.) Buy a hat and wear it 24/7 for the next couple of months until it gets long enough?
b.) Cut my whole head and start from scratch? I’d still look like a bloody hedgehog – but at least I’d be a whole hedgehog.
c.) Accept my fate and just carry on as usual, hoping noone calls the psychic ward? Or Tabatha Coffey.

I hate getting trolled by my own body parts…