There are barely 3 months left of 2020 and the world is still upside-down. We knew it would be because of the virus – but it seems every month there is new stuff added into the mix. Between the pandemic and the heatwaves and the fires and the storms and the American… uh… everything, it feels like the whole world is getting out of hand. Even more so than it already did at the start of the year.

I’m still weirdly unaffected by the pandemic – at least compared to most people. The virus actually seems to be more or less under control where I live and not many have it. It will probably pick up again at some point, but for now and for me personally, it’s going well.

Right now I’m more worried about the other things happening.

Cartoon showing COVID-19, recession and climate change as waves approaching land
How I’ve felt all year. Illustration by Graeme MackKay

Living where I do makes watching the news a bit weird because most of the big events (even Swedish events, even COVID these days) happen so far away it’s often difficult to relate. With one major exception: climate change.

The Arctic is heating up faster than the rest of the planet and I’m close enough to experience some of it myself. And it’s not just hotter than normal. This summer we broke the heat AND the cold record for July. 😡 There’s rain when it should be snowing but also snow when it should be raining. Birds migrating at the wrong times. The usual flowers and insects die while species that shouldn’t even be able to survive here are thriving.

Like, we have ticks now. The blood-sucking parasites couldn’t live this far north before, but guess what? Now they can!

Nature is such a huge part of my life, it’s where I find peace and healing, but it is also where I see these changes. It freaks me out.

John Green sharing some wise thoughts on us and nature.

At the beginning of the year, I said that I wasn’t feeling very hopeful about the future, and it’s not any better now. I almost hesitate to read the news or check social media because I know it will only be more horrors…

Sorry for being a downer, I’ll try to post some nicer things soon. πŸ™‚ Like the very pretty (local) places I visited this summer, or more art, or more weird stuff I find in the woods.

And it’s not all bad, some things are actually going well:

Some nice things

  • Nobody I know has been affected by the virus. Fingers crossed it stays that way. 🀞
  • I’m actually starting a new job soon! Got an offer from a company I’ve previously worked for here in town and will start there at the end of the month. πŸ™Œ
  • Local news: Swedish oil company Preem ended up cancelling their plans to expand their refinery. They say it’s for economic reasons, but I want to believe the huge backlash and activism against them is what really made them back off. πŸ’ͺ
  • My parents have a new puppy and it’s adorable! A little Australian Terrier named Molly. πŸ’•
  • If nothing unforeseen happens, we will soon start looking to buy a house of our own. I’m dreaming of a country cottage close by the woods. 🏑

How are you doing?

Oh, and if you’re American: for the love of all the gods PLEASE vote and vote for Biden. I’m begging you.
He may not be perfect and your voting system may be weird at best, but if the Insane Orange gets another 4 years it can only mean further destruction and mayhem. Not just for you but for all of us. The USA is so big and influential it affects the whole world, so please don’t fuck us over.