Starting the year jobless

Hey, new year! Yay! Or something.

To be honest, 2017 isn’t off to the best start: I’m officially looking for a new job.

The company I’ve been working for is shutting down, so I don’t have much choice. It’s very sad as I loved working there and was lucky to have skilled and inspiring colleagues, most of which are dear friends outside of work as well. But it’s over, and now I’m feeling a strange mix och fear and excitement. On one hand, I’ve always liked adventures and am not afraid of changes, on the other, I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing and it’s a bit scary.

I’ve also been lucky enough to never having to actively look for a job in almost 10 years, so I feel horribly out of the loop (what is a CV again?) And I just know my shy introverted ass suck at interviews.

Still, I’m fairly optimistic. I actually have a few leads already, and if I’ve managed to stay employed this long I should be able to trick someone else into hiring me. :P

Rachel get a job gif

Writing this also made me realise how little I actually share about my job on here.
Which is a bit weird since I’m a web developer and in my experience, it’s very common for web professionals to blog and tweet etc. about their jobs. In fact, most people I know in the field do that.

Personally, I feel like I have too many other passions and interests that – unlike web dev stuff – I don’t get to talk about on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet and I love building things for it, I just feel like I have enough outlet for it in my daily life already.
Also, I’m slightly afraid that if I bring work here then blogging itself will become less of a hobby and more of a… I don’t know… professional thing? That I won’t be “allowed” to be as weird and geeky as I want because now it’s about work too?

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out the future now.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy not having to get up early and can play housewife to Markus. Not that I’m very good at housewife stuff, being domestic is so not my thing. Maybe I can take some time to at least learn decent cooking skills? :P


  1. 20 January 2017

    I’m not good at cooking either! ;) Good luck though. :)

    And good luck finding a job. It’s a shame that the company you are working for is shutting down. I haven’t had that happen to me but I have seen it happen to other people – sometimes the company is nice enough to help you find a new job, but otherwise, it can be a lot like being left in the dark. Ten years is a long time! I have changed jobs about every two years, but it’s still painful and annoying to write a CV sometimes. I try to keep my LinkedIn up-to-date, but I hate LinkedIn too, so… :P

    I started to write about web development on my blog for learning purposes. If that isn’t the kind of stuff people are interested in then that’s OK. They don’t have to read it. I love it a lot though, even though I do it all the time for work. You might think your blog is more professional but I just try to see it the other way: my job is fun and I enjoy it. ? I like to keep my blog in the one place, I was never a fan of having separate blogs for different things. But the important thing is that you write about what you want to write about ?

    • 26 January 2017

      Thanks Georgie! :D I’ve changed jobs every two years too. Seems to be pretty common nowadays, especially in our line of work. And ugh, LinkedIn… doesn’t everyone hate that site? I don’t know anyone, including me, who like it.

      Funny how one can get hung up on things. I love reading other people’s web dev blogs/blog posts, and I don’t mind at all if they mix it up with other topics (like you do for example, I think you’ve found a nice balance). But for some reason, I just never feel like it would fit my own blog and I can’t even explain why. And I’m not a fan of the “separate blogs for separate subjects” thing either.
      Of course, I might change my mind some day. It wouldn’t be unheard of :P

  2. 21 January 2017

    I’m not a great cook either! I have a few go to meals that I can cook well, I’m lucky Ryan’s a chef lol.

    I’m sorry to hear the company you work for is shutting down! I’ve just updated my CV for the first time in 6 years and it was hard. I’m still not completely happy with it.

    I never blog about work or what I do at work, I work in logistics and I’m not sure anyone would find it very interesting!! However, I enjoy reading about Web development on personal blogs. It’s your blog, right whatever you want to write. :-)

  3. 23 January 2017

    Sorry to hear about your job. I hope you can find one that you like just as much! Good luck hunting. But in the meantime, maybe try to find a new hobby to conquer!

  4. 24 January 2017

    Ah goodness, good luck finding a new job for yourself. I’m actually on the hunt for one, myself. Preferably from home, if possible.

    Haha, I don’t blame you on not wanting to get up early and housewife it up. That’s so not my style, either. I’m not completely against it, of course, but it’s just… I don’t know. Time consuming? We could be doing so much more/other things but we have to housewife around? Mehhhhrrr… no! LOL! Happy New Year, love! <3

    • 26 January 2017

      Good luck to both of us then! :)

      I mean… there are just so many things I like more than cooking and tidying the house and such. In the choice between rearranging the kitchen cupboards and playing video games, hell yes I’m gonna play video games! Blizzard before baking, amirite? Lol ?
      Happy New Year to you too! ♥

  5. 25 January 2017

    I wish you luck in finding a job. I am too!

  6. 28 January 2017

    Oh, balls. That is so awful that the company is shutting down and that you have to find a new job. I have absolutely no doubt that you will be able to find a new place. You are very talented and having been for a company for so long would be a very good thing!

    You have to blog about whatever it is that you want to share. If web dev is your work, that’s cool. I love reading your blog and seeing all the great things you have to share. :D

    Hahhaah. Nah. Time to learn how to cook is just not an option. :P

  7. 30 January 2017

    Oh no, sorry to hear that your company shut down! I hope you’ll be able to find a new job soon!

    I haven’t looked for a job in almost 10 years too. Part of me wonders if I should have switched things up, but part of me is happy where I am. I’m also similar in that I don’t write about what I do at work very much. I prefer to write about my other hobbies instead because it’s a break from what I do for so many hours of the week. Sometimes programmers follow me on Twitter because my profile says I’m a Ruby on Rails developer, when really, I just tweet about dumb things not related to it, haha.

    Good luck on your job search!

  8. 7 February 2017

    I’m an iffy cook. What I can cook, I cook well, just please don’t ask me to try to make something new very often. I generally screw it up somehow. Even if I’m following directions. So yeah. I am currently a housewife myself after working for the same company 5 years, then doing some crappy paid work, and now I’m working on finishing my undergrad degree so I devote all my time to that, because I cannot multitask for shit.
    I’m horrible at it, but have been trying to work on it, bahaha. I’m really sorry your company shut down though, that really sucks. Introverted or not, you seem pretty talented in development, so I’m pretty sure you won’t have an issue finding a new job. Change is terrifying. I’m about to go through my own major change, and I’m shaking in my sweat pants over here.

    I used to write about work and stuff, but no one wants to read about a girl who waits tables for a living(worst job ever in this city, because everyone is so rude) So now I mostly write about adult things. Just random adult things, and sometimes reviews and suggestions.

    • 7 February 2017

      Apparently I can’t type today and forgot to link myself..I need some coffee I swear o.O

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