Spring equinox

You know what today is? Today is the spring equinox! :yay:
Day and night are equal now and soon the scale will tip over and we’ll have more day than night. It’s not very spring-like yet though. This is what our house looks like right now:

Our house

Plenty of snow as you can see. It’s been really cold too, with absolutely FREEZING winds. The real spring warmth probably won’t be here for another couple of weeks. But I’m in no hurry. :) My only problem with winter is the darkness, and now that that’s out of the way I can be outside and enjoy the snow a lot more.

I managed to find some birch branches to decorate for Easter too. Now that I finally have a house I can start doing all that fun decorating stuff I’ve never been able to do before. You can put branches outside your apartment door too but… it’s not really the same.

Easter branches

I probably could’ve found prettier branches, but these were already dead and laying on the ground so I picked them anyway as I don’t like cutting of living branches. If I’m making a fire or something, then sure – but not when it’s only for decoration.

Does anyone else put decorated branches on the porch like this, or is it a Scandinavian thing? And do you have spring yet where you are?
Or fall or some other season maybe? Sorry, I tend to forget about the southern hemisphere.


  1. 20 March 2013

    I woke up this morning to temperatures hovering just about freezing :| I know you are in Sweden and it is probably much colder where you are, but I live in the mid-Atlantic! Why is it so cold still :(

    • 20 March 2013

      Oh! My comment got cut off. I’ve never heard of putting branches by the front door! Yours are pretty :)

  2. 20 March 2013

    Still looks and acts like winter here, but it kind of smells like spring. Happy Ostara nonetheless!

  3. 20 March 2013

    No spring here yet either, boo! It’s about -10 and snowing right now :( We decorate branches with feathers as well! Usually willow branches with catkins on them. (I had to google that word, “with those fluffly little thingamabobs on them” sounded silly ;) ) But we don’t place them on the porch, we just keep them inside as decoration :D

  4. 20 March 2013

    No spring here yet :( some signs though – buds on trees. It’s freezing lately and still getting some snow.

    We don’t decorate branches for Easter, traditionally we paint eggs for Easter.

  5. 21 March 2013

    Those branches look so cute with the feathers on them! You should post those to pinterest! I’ve never seen anything like that as a decoration for Easter, so I may borrow that idea in the future.
    Being that I live in California, my winter/spring transition is a little bit different; however, seeing your pictures makes me feel just a bit guilty for complaining about the temperatures we have here. :blush:

  6. 21 March 2013

    I’ve never heard of decorating with branches for Easter before, but I really like that idea! I think I’ll search for some branches in our woods to decorate with. :)

    We’ve had a taste of warmer weather here, and it has given me spring fever. I’m ready for it to be warm and sunny all the time now!

  7. 21 March 2013

    Om jag ställde något sådant utanför min dörr skulle det antagligen bli stulet. Inte för att det ens finns plats att ställa någonting utanför min dörr i trappuppgången. Men om det fanns, skulle sakerna inte få vara ifred. Jag bor inte direkt i ett bra område.

    Ser jättefint ut utanför ert hus i alla fall. Måste vara så mysigt att ha en egen tomt! Ifall jag hade det hade jag satt påskfjädrar i träden.

  8. 24 March 2013

    Snooooow. I think the decoration looks so nice. Especially the touch of colour. :love:

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