Subscription boxes seem to be a huge trend right now, and I can understand why. Getting a mystery present every month sounds super fun! My only problem has been finding a box that suits me and my tastes…

Most services describe themselves as “trendy” and “chic” and “classy” and those are so not words I’d use to describe myself. :P I like things that are odd and quirky, and most mainstream stuff just doesn’t do it for me.
If only there was a box for alternative weirdos!

And then I stumbled upon this:

Spooky Box Club

Spooky Box Club make, design, and sell a beautiful range of exclusive alternative lifestyle goods with an emphasis on witchy, gothic, supernatural, and paranormal interests and styles.”

The subscription is on the expensive side with £21/$31 per month, but if you don’t want to have a monthly subscription you can also buy each box individually. Right now you can order the upcoming Enchanted Forest Box for example.
In addition to that they also have a webshop selling some items from previous boxes.

Usually all the fun stuff you find online is in America, so as a European I was very happy to learn they are based in England. United Kingdom = member of the European Union = decent delivery times and no customs for me. Win!

Another nice point is that Spooky Box is also a charity fundraiser. Every month a percentage of the money from sales is donated to a different charity.

The whole thing sounded so good I had to try it, and now I’ve received my first box:

The Saltwater Siren

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box: Saltwater Siren

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box: Saltwater Siren
Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box: Saltwater Siren

First impression: there are bats on the packaging, that’s a good sign.

Second impression: wow, there’s so much stuff! :O

The charity of choice this month was the Marine Conservation Society, very suitable for the theme of the box.


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren
Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Kraken tote bag & Saltwater Siren sarong.

The text on the tote bag says “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever”. I like it a lot! The print is cool and the quality feels very good.

I tried getting a decent pic of the sarong, but it’s just a really big sheet of thin soft fabric so I couldn’t figure out how to photograph is so you can see what it looks like. I’m not entirely sure what to do with it, but the pattern is really very beautiful and exactly my style so I’ll have to think of something.


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

From left to right:
– Jellyfish pendant in shell box
– Shipwreck stud earrings
– Handcrafted lollipop flavoured “extreme sour watermelon”
– Hair chalks in mermaid hues
– Sailor’s Heart – hand made schampoo bar with tropical scent

In the middle/bottom:
– Mermaid bag charm

Upper middle:
– Jewellery bags that the earrings and hair chalk came in


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Shampoo bar, hair chalk, and lollipop.

I’ve never used a schampoo bar before, but it smells nice so I’m going to give it a try.
I’ve never used hair chalk either. I already have blue highlights in my hair, but a few more colours wouldn’t hurt. ;) I’ll definitely use it some time.

Haven’t tasted the lollipop yet, it’s so pretty I don’t want to ruin it, haha!


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Little jellyfish pendant in a seashell box.

The chain feels rather cheap, but the pendant is cute and so is the box. You can never go wrong with simple silver jewelry so I’ll definitely wear this. :)


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Shipwreck stud earrings.

They’re cute, but I’m NOT a fan of stud earrings. I like hooks, no, I need hooks. And even then I prefer my earrings huge and dangly. These feel cheap and plastic too. My least favourite item. :/


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Ocean themed stickers + bonus ghost stickers.

Love the designs, I’ll definitely stick these on something! :D And the ghosts are so friggin’ cute! Oh my god, I’m putting ghosts on everything now! There’s even a ghost holding a beer!

I think I’m a bit more excited about the ghost stickers than I should be…


Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Saltwater Siren

Pearls and stars

The box also had a handful of pearls in various sizes, and star sequins, that fell out as I took out the items. At first I thought something had broke, but everything is fine so I assume it was just put in there for decoration.
I actually think it was a really fun detail. Of course I had to chase a few stray pearls across the kitchen floor, but I still liked it. And I made sure to pick them all up and save them for later. I’ll probably find some use for them. :)


Of all the subscription boxes I’ve seen this is easily the most appealing one for me, the indie/handmade angle is right up my alley.
The items look unique and seem to be of decent quality for the most part. I like that it was many different types of things too, from candy to jewellery to stickers and more.

It’s a somewhat pricey box, but alternative things usually are. All aspects put together I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth.
I love the whole idea and will definitely buy more Spooky Boxes in the future! :D