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It’s been a while since I had a Spooky Box, but now it’s time again! :D

Spooky Box Club is a subscription box for the alternative crowd. Most of the items are exclusive and handmade and/or manufactured by small local businesses, all with an emphasis on cute, witchy, and gothic interests and styles. Naturally, I love it and it’s the only subscription box I ever buy.

The theme of this particular box is “the mystic” which seems to relate to seers and fortune tellers. 🔮

The Mystic Box

Spooky Box - The Mystic - moon garlandD.I.Y. moon phase garland
It’s a bunch of wooden disks you can paint yourself and put together into a garland with a chain. I’m not a crafty person, but this looks easy enough. It actually looks pretty cool. I also like that it’s wood and metal rather than, say, plastic. :)


Spooky Box - The Mystic - pinPsychic glitter moon pin
You can never go wrong with glitter, so I like this a lot. It was impossible to catch the colour with the camera, but in reality the moon part of the pin shimmers in a very dark green/turquoise. It’s really pretty!


Spooky Box - The Mystic - charmPlanchette bracelet charm
It’s so tiny and cute! I think it’s supposed to go with the bracelet and charms I got in the Voodoo Box.

Side note: When I was a kid we used to make our own spirit boards by drawing the alphabet and numbers etc. on a piece of paper and then use a regular drinking glass to navigate it. It was called the “spirit in the glass” game and it never failed to creep us out. I was almost an adult before I learned about real Quija boards. :P


Spooky Box - The Mystic - bag charmCrystal ball bag charm
This thing is made of metal and pretty big and heavy, but I like that. The design is cool with the skeleton hands and the purple glitter. I’ve put it on the laptop bag that I use for work, and it looks great!


Spooky Box - The Mystic - patchMystical patch
Nice shine and nice purple colour, and I like the banner shape. Extra points for being an iron-on patch so I don’t have to sew.
Or… Maybe that’s a negative thing now that I think about it? Ironed on patches tend to peel off the fabric if it moves around a lot or get’s washed enough times. Sewn is way more durable in my experience. Hm.


Spooky Box - The Mystic - sun catcherCrystal sun catcher
This is just one massive glass crystal ball (it weighs a ton) but it’s so pretty! I hung it in my living room window and it’s beautiful when the light catches it and it throws rainbows everywhere. So simple but it definitely works.


Spooky Box - The Mystic - necklaceOnyx pendulum necklace
Eh, not impressed. I like the idea, but the chain is cheap and the pendulum migth be onyx but it looks like a piece of plastic. Next to the other things included in the box it just looks like a junk item thrown in.


Spooky Box - The Mystic - art printsLunar calendar 2018 + mystic palmistry art print
Even though I don’t always know what to do with them or where to put them, I like getting these prints. :) Think I’m gonna take the lunar calendar to work. It would look stylish on the wall next to the computer monitor.


Spooky Box - The Mystic - lollipopHandcrafted gourmet lollipop
As always, one of my favourite parts of every Spooky Box is the lollipop! I sort of collect these. :) They used to have nicer wrapping and wooden sticks, which was much prettier imo, but I still like them. This is the real key to healthier living: making candy too pretty to eat! :D


The aesthetic of this box, with the crystal balls and purple and turquoise colours, is one I really like. I think most of the items seemed decent and well made too. The bag chain and the crystal ball was especially nice, and so was the pin and patch. I also like the idea of including little d.i.y. projects. The moon garland is just about the amount I’m willing to put into making things myself.

What do you think about the box? :)


  1. 27 September 2017

    I love these Spooky Boxes! Especially the colour scheme of this one, lots of purples and blues. I think my favourite item is the glitter moon pin!
    I’d probably frame the Luna cycle print. :-)

  2. 1 October 2017

    I love that the box has so much purple! It’s one of my favorite colors XD The DIY garland is such a neat idea. I wouldn’t have thought to make a moon phase one. I also really like the Ouija and Crystal ball charms and the Lunar calendar. I’m used to seeing Chinese lunar calendars, but I think the print is a cool way of displaying the phases!

    I like the overall aesthetic of this box too!

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