Spooky Box: Merry Hexmas

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I have one little thing left of the holiday: I’ve received another Spooky Box! It actually came the day before Christmas, but I haven’t gotten ’round to photograph the items until now.

Sidenote: do you know how irritating it is to try taking decent photos when there’s NO natural light at all and all you got is regular ceiling lamps? Where I live it’s pitch black pretty much 24/7 right now… *grumble*

The Hexmas Box

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

This time the box was stuffed with purple paper strips and snowflake sequins! I love that even the packaging is part of the current theme. Makes the whole experience feel like someone put in a little extra effort, and I appreciate that. :)

And the money for this box goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Quite the mouthful, but a worthy and appropriate cause.

Now, the items:

Curly evil elf Christmas stocking

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Hanging up stockings isn’t traditionally a part of Swedish Christmas customs (we have goats, remember?) but this particular stocking is covered in skulls so I’m willing to incorporate it in my future holiday decorations.

Glittery spooky tree ornaments

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Ghosts! AND BATS!! :heart: These are so perfect you have no idea! So cute!

Minor issue is that they are pink, and so is my tree, so I’m afraid they won’t be very noticeable… But I’ll figure something out.

Dainty sterling silver snowflake charm

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Aww, isn’t that pretty? I love snowflakes and already own a pair of earrings in a similar design. I’ve actually already worn this a couple of times. :)

Handmade frosted cranberry soap bar

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Smells nice, but I hope it’s not of the same quality as the soap I got in the Saltwater Siren box. It was really dry and the skin felt like plastic afterwards, so I doubt I’ll enjoy this.

Might put it in a dresser drawer. My mum always put soaps in drawers and closets to make it smell nice, maybe I should do that too?

3D standing tree memo pad

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this. It’s too small and frilly to be used as a memo pad, and as a tree it looks kinda meh. Not a good item imo.

Creepy Christmas cards

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Love these! I don’t really do cards these days, but at least 3 people will get one next year! Just have to be a bit selective who I send them to, I doubt my parents would enjoy getting a Christmas card with skulls on it. ;)

Papertape decorating set in a mini stocking

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

I’m not a very crafty person so I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with papertape?
But the little stocking is adorable! Guess I’ll hang it with the other one :)

Handcrafted gourmet mint candy cane

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Can’t go wrong with candy, so obviously this is a good item :)

Tassle snowflake bookmark

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

Imaginary Karin - Spooky Box Hexmas

This is really quite beautiful, I love the design! I usually use old business cards or just random strips of paper for bookmarks, so this will definitely be a step up.

As a massive fan of winter and snow I was looking forward to this box, and I think it delivered.

As per usual some items were kind of meh, like the papertape and memo pad thing, but the items that were good were really good. The snowflake charm and spooky tree ornaments were my favourites, and the bookmark.
I’m continuing my subscription. :)


  1. 11 January 2016

    Eeeeek, those spooky ghost and bat tree ornaments are adorable! I think I might need to subscribe… these are amazing! :) x

    • 17 January 2016

      Yes, try it out! I think you’d enjoy these boxes :)

  2. 11 January 2016

    That would be really hard to try and get good photos when everything is dark. You did an awesome job, they look perfect. :D

    The curly evil christmas stocking is so great. :D I have never seen anything like that before. :D

    I am glad that you liked the items enough to continue the subscription. :D

  3. 12 January 2016

    I have to agree with the sidetone, natural light is so good and it sucks when there is none. Though as a concert photographer, I’m not really wont to complaining. :P

    I thought the tree notepad was sort of silly too, it’s way too small for anything useful. I have a really tiny notebook that I bought a while ago and I ended up using it to test my nail polish colours and write doodles and stuff, haha.

    Shame your tree is pink and the cute little ghosts may not be seen… they are adorable and I feel like you could double some up as a pendant on a chain too.

    I have to say that compared to the jewellery in the other boxes you got, the snowflake charm is kind of nice. Surprising that it’s sterling silver too. I love snowflakes, even though we get no snow down my end of the world. :)

    I probably said this before but even though this box isn’t 100% to my liking, it tickles some of my interests and I used to be very much into the style. It is quite expensive for me to subscribe though (ugh, shipping), maybe I will try it one day just for one box.

  4. 16 January 2016

    That spook box is just awesome! I’d subscribe yearly if I could to something as cool as that! Or even monthly.

  5. 18 January 2016

    The spooky box looks awesome. I think my mum wuld love something like that so I’m totally going to have to look into it!

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