Spooky Box – The Black Cat Box

I hope you like cats, because this Spooky Box is all about kitties!

For as long as I can remember there’s always been at least one cat living with my mother, and I’ve had a few cats myself too. For the past few years I’ve been owned by Maja, the little blue tortoiseshell we took in as a foster cat and then decided to keep.

Being a lover of all kinds of animals I’m not a cat lady as much as an “all animals lady”, but the domestic cat is definitely one of my favourite species. :)

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Glittery Starry Sky Cat Scarf

I don’t know if royal blue is really my colour, but the print is cute. The fabric is a bit hard and scratchy though, so I hope it softens when I wash it.

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Cat Lady Necklace

It’s pretty and seem to be of decent quality, I’ll definitely wear it. :)

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Pampered Kitty Plush Makeup Headband

Haha, what the..? I will probably never use this, perhaps if I ever decide to dress up as Catwoman for Halloween?

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Crazy Cat Enamel Pin

Enamel pins in general seem to be trending right now. I don’t mind, I like them very much, and this one is adorable! I like that it’s pretty small so can probably put it on just about anything.

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Charming Cat Strap

Isn’t that GaMERCaT? You know, from the comic and the Facebook stickers library? Yay! Good item! :D

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Squishy Cat Coin Purse

Aww, what a cute and chubby little guy. I have zero use for a coin purse as I never use physical money, but I’m sure I’ll find something else to put in it.

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Handcrafted Gourmet Lollipop

“Red bull” flavour according to the label. One of my favourite things about this box is that they always include one of these lollipops. I find them way too pretty to eat so I have a whole bunch of them sitting in a jar in my kitchen. :) Yes, I may have issues.

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Home Is Where My Cat Is Art Print

I love getting these art prints, and this one is really adorable! I already know who I’m gonna give this as a gift to!

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box


Silly Kitty Socks

Great item, one can never have too many socks! I’ve worn these and they’re both fun and comfortable.

Imaginary Karin - Black Cat Spooky Box

Overall the items in this box was pretty good, I can see myself actually using most of it. The headband was my least favourite, it was impractical and also kind of small for my head. My favourites (other than the lollipop, haha) were the art print and the socks.

With that said; I’m going to take a break from Spooky Box for a while now.

I still love the idea and have enjoyed the boxes very much. Even if there’s generally one or two items I don’t like in each box, the majority of the items have been good and I’ve always felt that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. But I have other things coming up that I rather spend my money on, so this will be my last box for a while. I’ll probably subscribe again some time in the future though :)


  1. 15 July 2016

    Shame about the headband! I also thought it looked a bit childish and tacky. I was thinking if it fit on your head you could use it to get your hair out of your face when doing household duties or exercising at home… but I really can’t think of a good use for it. :P

    I love the scarf!!!! I have a scarf that is a bright blue and at first I thought it was too bright but I love it. I find that a lot of scarves made of that kind of material are scratchy and rough until you wear it through.

    I also don’t like carrying physical money but I have a couple of coin purses that I keep loose change in. I don’t even carry them around with me, so… :P

  2. 16 July 2016

    Though, I don’t own a cat anymore, this unboxing is so cute. I love black cats, as I owned one long ago named Gato. I’m so imaginative XD But yeah, cute stuff you got!

  3. 26 July 2016

    Haha, very cute. Love the kitty box. I really want to sign up for an awesome box like this but never have gotten around to it.

  4. 7 August 2016

    Okay, I totally need this box in my life! :) I’m a huugggee cat lover.