Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

It started snowing yesterday afternoon, and shortly after the wind picked up. By evening we had a real snowstorm raging outside.

At around 18:00 yesterday I shovelled the driveway and went to the grocery store – when I got back 45 min later the driveway had already filled up again. That’s how much it snowed. I was lucky my car didn’t get stuck.

Today the storm continues.
The main roads are cleared, but the smaller ones are pretty bad. Our little street has been reduced to a pair of wheel tracks through the snow.
The dog does NOT want to go outside, and for once I agree with him. I normally don’t mind harsh weather, but this is a bit much even for me.

Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

You know what’s funny though?
Nothing’s closed. The stores are open, and the buses run as usual.

As a child I would hear about the “snow days” they had in the south. How they would close shops and schools and everyone would stay home. I was so envious! I never got to stay home from school just because it was snowing!

Now, I understand why it’s hard to deal with snow down there.
In the south it’s usually warmer which means the snow is often much wetter and heavier than what we get up here. It can’t be fun or easy to deal with. And in big cities with buildings everywhere it’s difficult to find places to dump the snow once it’s off the streets.

But it’s still sounds a bit funny to me when they freak out over 5cm of snow in Stockholm when we can get 50cm and nobody bats an eyelid. ;)

Imaginary Karin - snowstorm January 2015

Anyway, it’s still snowing like crazy, and the weather report says even more snow is on it’s way.

I just hope to see a tractor in my neighbourhood before Monday morning. I can clear my own driveway, but if they don’t take care of the street from my house to the main road I won’t be able to get my car out. Oh well, worse case scenario I’ll take the bus.

And I know I’m probably crazy, but I’d rather deal with this than extreme heat and drought.
As my dad always puts it: “At least we’re mosquito-less”. :D