A few days ago I went to the hair dresser to clean up my mohawk, but I came home with a shiny new sidecut instead :D


Sidecut 2

For now it’s only short to a bit behind the ear, but I’m thinking about shaving the whole side. Can’t decide if it would look better or worse. I have some nasty swirls on the top of my head that it would be nice to just cut away. Eh, we’ll see.

Imaginary Karin - chibi vector

And here’s a new portrait to match the hair! For the past few years my Gravatar has been this chibi-sort-of vector portrait and now I’ve made a new one. Yeah, my hair has been short (and red) for almost a year and NOW I make a new avarar :P
I realise I make way to little vector art! Should really try to open Flash more often, it’s fun to play with.