Sidecut chibi

A few days ago I went to the hairdresser to clean up my mohawk, but I came home with a shiny new sidecut instead :D

For now it’s only short to a bit behind the ear, but I’m thinking about shaving the whole side. Can’t decide if it would look better or worse. I have some nasty swirls on the top of my head that it would be nice to just cut away. Eh, we’ll see.

Imaginary Karin - chibi vector

And here’s a new portrait to match the hair! For the past few years my Gravatar has been this chibi-sort-of vector portrait and now I’ve made a new one. Yeah, my hair has been short (and red) for almost a year and NOW I make a new avatar :P
I realise I make way too little vector art! Should really try to open Flash more often, it’s fun to play with.


  1. 10 November 2011

    Love the new cut! Plus the chibi is cute. Only one thing. Where is Zaphod ????????? :love: :love: :love: :love:

    • 10 November 2011

      Thank you ^_^ Yeah, I know… I will add Zaphod in later, ok?

  2. 10 November 2011

    New haircut is very cute. Also love the chibi. :D

  3. 11 November 2011

    AWESOME look! :D

  4. 12 November 2011

    Are you kidding??! I LOVE the vector art you did!! I only wish I could create a little cartoon me like that. I am so jealous!! You should totally do it “professionally” for other people! Love the new cut btw. Suits you.

  5. 12 November 2011

    Fint! Och snygg vektorbild också.

    Du frågade om min zebratröja, den har jag köpt på Newyorker

  6. 12 November 2011

    That looks freakin’ awesome! :D I used to have hair very similar to that, but for reasons that I’m not always entirely clear on, I just don’t anymore. :o Skandinaviere på nett, holla! :rock:

    • 22 November 2011

      Hey there :D Northern pride! :rock:

  7. 13 November 2011

    That’s awesome! I love it! Also, your vector art is amazing! :D

  8. 15 November 2011

    I love your new hair! I wish I suited that kind of rockin’ style but I don’t think I do, really. XD

    I probably change my Gravatar every six months. I’m silly, I use those graphic makers to make something that looks like me. I wish I had skills like you so I could make a vector me!

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