Aaaand now I’m sick. Markus was completely knocked out for most of last week from a massive cold, and now I have caught it from him. Great. I don’t normally stay in bed when I’m sick, regardless of disease I will drag myself into the living room and curl up on the couch instead, but not now. I actually spent a whole day in bed. Says something about how bad it is…

New job seem really great though! Everyone’s super nice and friendly!
Due to hiring several new people in recent months they have some re-arranging to do regarding where everyone is sitting. New desks have been ordered for us newbies but they haven’t arrived yet. I have a temporary work station (with a huge, scary Mac computer. Think I’ll try bribing it with pretty desktop backgrounds so it starts liking me) at the end of a hallway with two other girls, but soon I’ll get a real office to share with the web developer guy. He’s a metalhead like me so I think it’ll be great. The boss said something about our office going to be the Rock n’ Roll Room. :P

Gonna go rest again, but before I do, here’s a pic I took a while ago of a little family of Coltfoots – the first flowers of 2012! This proves it’s spring in the North at last. :)

Imaginary Karin - spring flowers 2012