Let me introduce something very Scandinavian: the semla.
It’s a kind of pastry made from wheat buns spiced with cardamom. You slice the top of and put it aside, then hollow out the bottom part. Mix the scooped out bread with milk and almond paste, fill the bun with the mix, put whipped cream on it and then place the bun-top on the cream like a lid (or a hat). And then dust some powdered sugar over the whole thing.

Imaginary Karin - semla

It might not sound all that special, but it’s absolutely delicious! Semlor (plural) are probably my favourite pastries in the whole world ^_^ And now is the right season for them! Semlor are traditionally eaten around Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday so a couple of weeks before and after the stores are full of them.

Every year I try to find the balance between eating as many as I can before they disappear and not eating too many and put on weight :P It’s a thin line…

In other news, I finally got my procrastinating ass to make an appointment with an optician and order new glasses, and now they’re here:

Imaginary Karin - new glasses 2012

My eyesight hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years so I don’t need stronger glasses or anything, but the actual glass in my old ones was so full of scratches it felt like I was constantly walking through mist. When I put on the new ones I was all “Whoa… HD!”
These new frames are slightly bigger than my old ones too, so my field of sight is almost twice the size it used to be. I can’t believe I didn’t bought new ones sooner…