The weather hasn’t been warm enough to allow for a swim in the sea, but we went out there anyway. It’s not far from where we live (this is a coastal town after all, I tend to forget that sometimes) and it’s nice to just walk around and look at the pretty scenery and take pictures. :)


Unfortunately the coordinates on the bench doesn’t quite match where it’s standing… I tried them on Google Maps and the needle pointed to a spot south of there. Somewhat of a bummer.



The dogs camouflage colours work quite well it seems, even in this setting.


To my surprise BOTH of them voluntarily walked into the water. The big guy had to go first though, and then the little guy followed. ^_^ And afterwards they both complained about sandy feet…


  1. 9 July 2013

    Beautiful. :heart: I love water so very much. Your puppers are precious!

  2. 10 July 2013

    Aw, it looks so lovely. The photos are really pretty. :heart:

  3. 10 July 2013

    Now the most important question is: did you walk into the water with them?
    Also, is this a good place to visit in the winter?

    • 16 July 2013

      Haha, I’m afraid not ;) I didn’t want to get all sandy.

      If you’re into winter sports and want to meet lots of people and party you’d probably have the most fun visiting one of the winter resorts in the mountain region in the west. Lots of people from all over the world go there in the winters and the scenery is amazing!

      One of the more unique places to see would be the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. It’s a whole hotel complete with bar and everything built entirely out of ice and snow. I’ve never been there myself but those I know who has been there have all been very impressed. Apparently it’s really beautiful and special.

      If you want to visit museums and see castles and have more of an urban experience Stockholm and other large cities in south Sweden would probably be the best. In the south they don’t have the harsh snowy winters we have in the north either.

      My town in particular isn’t very tourist-y so there’s not much happening in the winters. It’s not very big either so there’s not much people out and about.

  4. 22 July 2013

    That’s so nice that you live so close to the water. I miss being near the ocean. I like walking along the beach even if the water is too cold to go in.

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