Lake near Arjeplog, Sweden

Markus and I have friends who are dedicated fishing enthusiasts, and a few weeks ago they invited us to accompany them on a weekend trip to… well, the middle of nowhere. I’m sure the place has a name, but it wasn’t written on any maps or signs so I have no idea.

Now, I’m actually not that interested in fishing. My dad and grandparents took me fishing all the time when I was a child, but despite their best efforts it never stuck with me. I don’t have the patience for it. I cast my line 3 times and if nothing has happened by then I’m done and want something else to do.
But I tagged along for the trip anyway. Being out in nature is always great and it had been a while since I last went camping and sleeping in a tent.

And it was great! While the others were fishing I was walking around exploring the forest and taking photos.
So, here’s a photo dump of our weekend off the grid. :)

Stony riverbank by Pite river

Very stony riverbank! I was certain someone would fall and break a leg here, but we all made it across unscathed.

Pite river by night

Pite river by night

The drive took 3 hours and ended at a spot in the region of the source of the Pite river. Here’s the nearest named location on Google Maps if you’re curious. We were a bit east of there.

This place is very close to the Arctic circle, so the summer nights are incredibly bright!
All 3 of the photos above are taken in the middle of the night, the first one around midnight and the last 2 around 01:00. The sun is just below the horizon, soon on its way up again.

In the last photo, up near the top left corner, you can also see one of the many many MANY mosquitoes that accompanied us wherever we went. I forgot to crop it out, but whatever. They were everywhere so it’s actually amazing my photos aren’t all covered in them. :P

Pite river, Sweden

Lazy lunch by the river.

The guys napping after lunch. Sleeping on rocks can apparently be comfortable.

Camp fire with coffee pot

The weather was, for the most part, cloudy and not too warm. Which is perfect. Blazing sunshine is beach weather, you don’t want it when you’re out in the woods. On the second day, we even had a light wind keeping most of the mosquitoes away.

Both our friends got to catch one decent sized grayling each, so they were pleased with the fishing. Markus didn’t catch anything, but he was happy anyway. Like me, he just enjoys outdoor life and is quite content as long as he has a campfire to poke with and a pipe to smoke. 😊

sunshine through trees

Selfie by the river

Makeup of the day: sweat, sunscreen, and a shitload of mosquito repellent. 😜

Reindeer herd

Reindeer herd in meadow

Met the little family above on the way home. All reindeer here are owned by the Sami people, so they are only half-wild and not as terrified of cars and humans as they should be. They also tend to run alongside the road rather than straight across, so you have to keep an eye out when driving. Moose are technically more dangerous on the road since they’re bigger, but reindeer are more common and less predictable.

As annoying as they can be, I still like them though. They look a bit mangy this time of year when losing their summer coat, but they’re still beautiful animals.

Anyway, in summary, I had a great weekend!
I don’t fish but I kept myself busy anyway. The forest is never boring, you always have things to do and look at.

Here I’ve posted mostly photos of the river, but I also have a lot of pics of the plants and flowers. But I’ll save those for a later post. :)