Reise nach Deutschland

My new passport

I haven’t had a passport for over 10 years. The last time I travelled abroad was when I was 15 and my class went to Bulgaria for a week. Kinda sad that I haven’t been able to go anywhere since then…
But now I finally will!


And not only that – it’s a free trip! We’re going on a weekend thing with work, so the plane ticket and the hotel is paid for by the office. I just need money for food and shopping :D
The agency only consists of 6 people, including the two owners, so we have a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere at work. I think it will be lots of fun travelling with them :)

So now I have a passport. Not that you really need one to travel within the EU, but people tell me it’s much easier if you have one. And I’ve already started packing in my head. Maybe I should try and brush up on my German? I haven’t spoken the language since high school so I’m more than a little rusty.
I know it’s still a few months away, but like I said I haven’t travelled in over 10 years, and I’m so excited!!


  1. 24 February 2011

    So typical, everything is better in Sweden compared to Finland. Even your passport looks nicer!

    Anyway :D I hope you have great time in Munich! I’ve been planning to travel to Berlin in near future, but first I’ll go to UK. :D

    • 26 February 2011

      Really? I’ve never seen a Finnish passport *lol*

  2. 24 February 2011

    München is not in Germany, it’s in Bavaria :P Also, the people there don’t speak German, they speak Bavarian. So I’m not quite sure how much use brushing up your German would be ;)

    Unfortunately I’ve only been to Munich’s Airport, never to Munich, so I’m afraid can’t really recommend stuff there…

  3. 24 February 2011

    Wow that is so exciting!! :D
    Even cooler that it’s free. It’s definitely easier going anywhere with a passport. Best form of ID.

  4. 24 February 2011

    Ja wahnsinn! :) Maybe we’ll meet. I just have to make sure that I’m in the shopping streets on that weekend ;) I hope you have good weather in May and that it’s a little warmer aleady. And yeah, “Minga” (how we Bavarians say it) is not Germany – it’s Bavaria :P

    • 26 February 2011

      Cool, I’ll wave if I see you! Not that I know what you look like but… oh well, I’ll just wave at everybody :D

  5. 24 February 2011

    I’ve been to Germany once, to Stuggart, I think it was in 2006 – I visited my Auntie and her family who were stationed there as her ex-husband is in the USA forces (she now lives in American again and I don’t get to see her much).

    I think the last time I travelled abroad anywhere was in 2008 which was my long weekend with my then boyfriend, to Sweden. We went to Gothenberg specifically. :)

  6. 26 February 2011

    Yay! That would be really exciting. I love travelling and Germany is pretty much the top place that I want to go to. But I don’t know any German so I would be a little bit scared to go there. That’s awesome that you get to go for free. I would be packed to go already haha.

  7. 26 February 2011

    @ adastra and Tracy – I know Munich is in Bavaria, but it’s still a part of Germany, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not its own country. Is it that Bavarians don’t like being referred to as German? Kinda like the people of Åland doesn’t want to be reminded they really belong to Finland?

    • 2 March 2011

      Tough question, I think Tracy might be able to answer it better ;)

      I don’t think they mind being called German *that* much, but when in Germany, a Bavarian will most likely refer to himself as being Bavarian, not German (but this can depend on the conversation).

      It’s much worse to call a person from South Tyrol an Italian, or even an Austrian a ‘German’, luckily most people aren’t stupid enough to do that ;)

  8. 27 February 2011

    I hope that you have a great time travelling – I am really jealous! I am dying to travel when I finish masters :D

  9. 20 March 2011

    Yay för en gratis resa! :D Själv ska jag till Spanien i Maj! Ska visserligen betala 2000 tur och retur för flyget men jag får bo gratis! :D

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