Pretty pixel ponies

I’ve added a new page to the pixelart section: Ponies!! :D

I never played with dolls as a child, I didn’t like them, but I loved My Little Pony! I had like 80 of them + the Dream Castle and the Stable and a million other related stuff. I still have everything packed away in my basement. I’ve been thinking about taking it all up and clean it and maybe start collecting ponies as a hobby, but I don’t really have the space for it.

I actually finished the first pixel ponies a whole month ago and posted them on the Qbee Bee*Bee’S – and ended up making a whole bunch of custom ponies for the lovely members there. So it took me a while to finish making all the characters from Generation 1 that I wanted to do.
Do you recognize any of them?

The top left one is Trickles anyway, she was my favourite pony when I was little. ^_^

Check out the rest of the ponies at their own page!
(yes, they’re all “adoptable”)


  1. 8 September 2009

    Ah, My Little Pony is indeed adorable. It wasn’t “my generation”. At least I didn’t play with them – I don’t think they were popular amongst the younger kids before I was about eleven-twelve. (I was all about Barbie dolls.)
    They look very pretty as pixels. You’ve done an excellent job! I don’t think I’ve seen any better My Little Pony ponies.

    You know, I think I recall watching an episode on Mythbusters were they tested different theories. I’m not sure, but I think I saw a car somewhere in that episode..

  2. 9 September 2009

    Awwww, they are so adorably cute I love them! :heart:

  3. 9 September 2009

    I love your ponies, they’re gorgeous! I especially love the personalised one you made for me on the QBee. :D :love:

    You should join the contest Karin, I love your designs! And after all its the taking part that counts. ^__^

    Thanks for wishing me luck. :)


  4. 11 September 2009

    Hi there :yay: I just found your website, I think through another one…I can’t remember now which one it is…but OMG. My little Ponies! I loved them growing up–I was like you, I hated Barbie Dolls and the like, but the My Little Ponies and Carebears were my thing! I took some of them, I’ll credit.

    Also, I just wanted to shout out because I looked at your musical taste and you love Alice Cooper…and are Pagan. NO WAY. Seriously? I have yet to meet someone else who’s the same nature of things as I am…I’m just kind of geeking out right now, haha!

    I really like this, they’re pretty…and I bet they took a while, too. Collecting the Ponies would be a cool hobby, but I don’t have the room for them blah

    Well, I’m going to let you go now :) Nice meeting you! :love:

  5. 12 September 2009

    Those are so cute! I loved My Little Ponies when I was little too. I sort of collected them back then. Well, it wasn’t so much collecting as begging my dad for one whenever I saw them in a store. :P I probably still have a bunch of them in a box in storage somewhere at my parents’ house. I should check sometime.

  6. 14 September 2009

    I love them all. You have done a wonderful job on them.

  7. 24 September 2009

    Pretty ponies! I love them. :)

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