Pre-birthday celebration. With LEGO.

Gifts from Markus parents

We spent the weekend at Markus’s parents and did some light celebration of my upcoming birthday.
It’s still 2 weeks early, but who cares? :P

I got a beautiful flower in a vase with pink sand on top and what looks like pink jelly at the bottom. Hopefully, it will survive for a while, but I don’t feel very confident. The prettier the flower the sooner I kill it usually…
I also got some bed linen, a cookbook (muffins and cookies), a card and a fat purple chicken. ^_^ I’ve talked before about how my birthday and Easter usually are connected.

See what else I got! Me and Markus were doing a little shopping in town and since we’re adults (*snort*) we of course visited the toy store. In the LEGO section we noticed they had Lord of the Rings sets. And The Hobbit sets. HUGE sets with whole castles and dungeons and everything! Star Wars sets too, but LOTR is cooler than Star Wars in my world.

After a rather silly debate about whether or not it’s ok for grown-ups to buy LEGO just for themselves (would it really be such a bad idea to have children for the sole purpose of being allowed to buy and play with toys?) he decided I should at least have a little LEGO Gandalf. Just for display. Just because I’m such a nerd and LEGO Gandalf is disturbingly cute. So he bought me this little set from when Gandalf arrives in The Shire at the beginning of the first movie! :D

See the red thing? It’s the dragon firecracker!


So silly, but really cute too, and it was fun putting it together. I think I’m gonna take it to my office so I can roll the carriage back and forth over my desk when I need a break. ;)


  1. 12 March 2013

    Vilken fin blomma! :) Hoppas den håller ett tag! Jag har själv inte några gröna fingrar ;)
    Och Lego är kul! Frodo ser dock suspekt ut ;)

  2. 13 March 2013

    Hahaha, I LOVE the LEGO Gandalf! I would totally re-enact the scene by myself if I had one :heart: Maybe I should start buying LEGO as well, to balance out my boyfriend’s Warhammer collection ;)

  3. 13 March 2013

    <3 Lego and more importantly LOTR Lego <3 :heart: I'm such a nerd when it comes to Lego, have a few Star Wars ones, including an Imperial Walker that is motorized so it does actually walk!

  4. 15 March 2013

    You’re never too old for LEGOs, especially if they’re LOTR-related. ;) Happy early birthday!

  5. 19 March 2013

    OMG THE LORD OF THE RINGS LEGO SET! I am geeking out so much right now!

  6. 20 March 2013

    This is awesome! I love it that you’re playing with legos. It used to be such a boy’s club when I was younger. These kits are awesome! I think they really make a lot of creative stuff at lego, but their product might be a little stronger if people were to make some of the complex objects like a horse out of original blocks. It’s still cute though & I wish you a very happy belated birthday! :yay:

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