As you may or may not be aware of Pottermore opened for everyone this weekend – and being the childish Potterhead that I am, I hit the sign up-button the second I saw it! :love: ;)

My first impression is that it’s beautiful. All of it, the layout, the artwork, everything looks absolutely amazing and magical. They’ve had some fine artists working on this!
It took me a while to figure out how you’re supposed to navigate through the story, but then I realised you can double-click to zoom in and out and that you always have the little back and forward arrows at the bottom of the screen. It all went smoothly from there. Biggest downside is that most of it is Flash-based which means using it on my iPad is pretty much pointless. I can still navigate through the story, but it’s almost impossible to explore the scenes and pick up stuff.

You go through the story chapter by chapter, learn how to brew potions, cast spells (wizard’s duels!) and the (beautifully illustrated) scenes are full of hidden items you can pick up and keep in your trunk.

At Ollivander’s you answer a few question and then have your wand handed to you. Mine is made of yew with a core of phoenix feather, 13 1/4 in (33,6 cm) long and slightly springy. Nice, nice.

When you arrive at Hogwarts you get to put on the Sorting Hat and is once again asked a number of questions, and then you’re put in your house. Of course this is where it gets interesting!
I’m a Ravenclaw by heart, it has always been my favourite house. Silver, blue and ravens FTW! I was so convinced I belonged in that house I wasn’t even thinking about being put somewhere else.

And then… then the damn hat said Slytherin.

Um… Ok?

So I’m not a Ravenclaw after all? :?

It was a bit of a downer, and my first reaction was that I could just use another email, create a new user and try to get sorted differently, but then figured it would be a bit silly. If the Sorting Hat wants me in Slytherin I’ll stay in Slytherin. They are pretty badass, I guess, and I do love snakes. Not to mention both Merlin and Snape were in Slytherin! I’ll be a proud snake from now on! :rock:

Anyway, Pottermore is a lot of fun so far and I recommend you go check it out if you haven’t already!
If anyone wants to add me as a friend my username is GalleonBat92.

EDIT 17/4:
Oh, but for fuck’s sake. I was determined to “take it as a man” and be a Slytherin, but in a moment of weakness I made a new account anyway (RainCloak5101) and this time the hat put me in Ravenclaw without hesitation… What to do? Do I delete my Slytherin account now or what?
Markus, true to his Hufflepuff nature, claimed that “you’re only supposed to be sorted once, everything else is cheating”. Not sure which account to keep.

EDIT 19/4:
It’s settled now. I decided to make a 3d account and take the test a 3d time – and swore to myself that I’d choose whatever result came out. And the hat said Ravenclaw again. Ravenclaw: 2 – Slytherin: 1. So I’m sticking to my second account RainCloak5101. :)