I’ve been pixeling again. :) I’ve noticed I do it in cycles, sometimes I can go months and years with absolutely no inspiration (or time…) and then I suddenly tilt and produce a whole bunch of stuff in just a few days/weeks. Kinda irritating, because it is my favourite medium after traditional drawings and I would love to be more active. Too bad pixeling is so time consuming. And that it requires a computer, it’s not like I can casually do it on the couch while watching TV.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

Karin Persson - pixel doll sketchy frame
Just a sketchy portrait-type thing. BUT. I’ve made a base body of it! It’s right here if you want to use it! :D

Karin Persson - raven pixel doll
Wind and ravens (Looks better on DeviantArt) and a little self portrait. Bases by Angy Chan and Duckie.

I was trying to make a new layout for my site, but it never came out right… Here’s the header doll anyway, a cyan witch. Base by Hollay.

Another failed layout attempt. But I haven’t completely given up hope on this one yet.
I think I might have an idea…