Pixel ponies

Pixel ponies

My Little Pony rip-offs. As an 80’s child, I had millions of them + the castle and the stable and lots of other stuff. These are all Hasbro characters from Generation 1.


1. You may put these images on your own website if you want to. If you do please credit me with a link to https://imaginarykarin.com somewhere on the same page as the used image.

2. Don’t alter the images in any way. Don’t crop, recolour, add text etc.

3. Don’t redistribute them anywhere (that means take them and offer them for download on other sites).

Earth ponies

pixel pony Peaches
pixel pony Lemondrop
pixel pony Seashell
pixel pony Bubbles
pixel pony Bow Tie
pixel pony Apple Jack
pixel pony Parasol
pixel pony Sunlight
pixel pony Cherries Jubilee
pixel pony Confetti
pixel pony Lickety Split
pixel pony Posey
pixel pony Tootsie
pixel pony Trickles


pixel unicorn Sunbeam
pixel unicorn Twillight
pixel unicorn Majesty
pixel unicorn Glory
pixel unicorn Moondancer
pixel unicorn Moonstone
pixel unicorn Windy
pixel unicorn Gusty
pixel unicorn Pinwheel
pixel unicorn Powder
pixel unicorn Skyflier
pixel unicorn Sparkler
pixel unicorn Starflower


pixel pegasus Medley
pixel pegasus Sprinkles
pixel pegasus Firefly
pixel pegasus Skydancer
pixel pegasus Starshine
pixel pegasus Flutterbye
pixel pegasus Heart Throb
pixel pegasus Surprise
pixel pegasus Tickle