Pixel dolls

Pixel dolls

Pixel dolls is its own art form, sometimes considered a sub-genre of the pixel art community.

It started with online dress-up games like The Palace where people could make their own avatars by putting different clothes and hair on bodies. Just like playing with paper dolls, and that’s also where the name comes from.

From there it evolved into an art form where people make their own bodies (called base bodies or bases) and then draw clothes and hair onto them. In the 00’s it became a whole community with many websites and forums dedicated to the art of “dolling”.

What sets dolls apart from other art forms is the use of these bases. Many artists offer their own bases for others to use – with credit, of course. You also don’t necessarily need to make dolls with pixel art. There are dollers who draw with regular Photoshop brushes, making their dolls look more photorealistic. I make pixel dolls and nothing else, but that’s just my personal preference.

Dolling and the dolling community is still a thing, but with the rise of social media it has mostly moved to places like DeviantArt or Tumblr. On my links page you can find links to some doll artists that still have their own sites.


1. You may put these images on your own website if you want to. If you do please credit me with a link to https://imaginarykarin.com somewhere on the same page as the used image.

2. Don’t alter the images in any way. Don’t crop, recolour, add text etc.

3. Don’t redistribute them anywhere (that means take them and offer them for download on other sites).

My own bases

You can find my base bodies here.

pixel doll yennefer of vengerberg
pixel doll wood nymph
pixel doll flower frame
pixel doll rose witch
pixel doll blonde goth
pixel doll trickles
pixel valentine
pixel doll me

Miscellaneous bases

Bases by Hollay

pixel doll moon witch
pixel doll witch
pixel doll self portrait
pixel doll LOTRO characters
pixel doll top hat
pixel doll alice cooper
pixel doll characters

Bases by Wayuki

pixel doll fashion
pixel doll LOTRO winter fashion
pixel doll rockstar
pixel doll rockstar
pixel doll chinese zodiac ox
pixel doll fashion
pixel doll angel and demon

Bases by Angy-Chan

pixel doll raven
pixel doll aries
pixel doll taurus
pixel doll she-devil
pixel doll unicorn
pixel doll bees
pixel doll wow troll
pixel doll moon
pixel doll ranger

Bases by Faery Ink

pixel doll my family
pixel doll yellow stars
pixel doll hat
pixel doll midsummer
pixel doll red dress
pixel doll hermione
pixel doll wilma wonka
pixel doll easter witches