We bought a pink Christmas tree. I’m not even joking.

I have a pink Christmas tree

I’ve never had a Christmas tree, or at least not since I moved out of my parents house. All my apartments have been too small or haven’t had a good spot for one, but when we moved to the house we realized a tree would indeed fit in the living room. So we went shopping…

I know what you’re thinking and no, it was not my idea. This is all Markus.
The store had trees in 4 colours. The normal and sensible green, some really pretty black and white trees and then some bright pink ones. Markus took one look at the pink tree and went “That one. We’re having a pink tree!”
I tried talking him out of it since, I mean, you can’t have a pink Christmas tree, can you? We didn’t have to get a green one, but surely a black or white tree would be prettier? But no, he wanted the pink one. “Come on, how many people have pink trees..? Exactly! We would be the only ones!”

In the end I succumbed and we did buy the pink tree. And I actually love it! Every time I see it I can’t help but laugh and smile. It’s so bright and funny! :D

We couldn’t wait so it’s already in place in the living room. Since this is our first ever Christmas tree we don’t have much decorations for it yet. Just some lights, some candy canes and a few silver ornaments so far. I think I’ll try to find some black ornaments for it, that might be cool.

Glitter deer

Glitter key