This past September I made a simple portrait of my dog, Runa. I wanted to play around with markers and try some different ways to shade black fur. Because black fur can be challenging. On one hand, you want it to actually look black, but on the other, you don’t want to turn the subject into a silhouette.

I also got a calligraphy book from my husband and wanted to try drawing text instead of just writing it. Still not very good at lettering, but it’s getting better. It has to, because my handwriting can honestly not get much worse…

After posting the above drawing on social media I actually got a couple of commissions! I’ve never explicitly promoted myself as “for hire”, so it was a very nice surprise. 😁

Alice the Cavalier mix

First Kassy asked me to draw her cavalier/beagle mix, Alice. She wanted something similar to my drawing of Runa, so that’s what we did. Had lots of fun with her beautiful colours. 😊

The portrait is made with ink pen, markers, and coloured pencils on a matte, slightly textured A3 paper.

Colour drawing of a dog's head and green leaves
Pencil sketch of a dog head and leaves
Alice pencil sketch

Allie the Mini Schnauzer

Hev honoured me by asking for a portrait of her late companion Allie, the miniature schnauzer. ❀ Loved drawing her fur, such a great texture! Also liked the red flowers.

This drawing is made with the same tools and material as Alice.

This time I also decided to film a little. Thought it would be fun to show the different stages and progress. Unfortunately I filmed it upright for Instagram, I hope it’s viewable anyway. πŸ™ƒ

Colour drawing of a miniature schnauzer's head surrounded by flowers
Pencil sketch of a miniature schnauzer
Allie pencil sketch

So, commissions..?

I’m under no illusion that I could make a living as an artist, that’s way too lofty a goal. But I have been thinking about whether to open myself up to commissions as a side thing. I mean, actually come out and say I’m looking for clients and create a price list and all that stuff.

On one hand, it would be fun. Drawing for others means new challenges and new subjects. Getting to make things I never would’ve made if left to my own devices.

On the other, I hate the idea of having to do the whole song and dance of self-promotion. I’m not a good salesperson. At all. And my introverted nature thinks it sounds damn scary.

But it would be fun. And probably good for my own development.

I’ll let you know when I’ve made up my mind. Don’t hold your breath. πŸ˜‚
In the meanwhile, I guess I am open to suggestions. Commissions, trades, collaborations etc.

Coloured pencil drawing of a tortoiseshell cat's head
After all those dogs, I obviously had to draw my cat as well 😸