Last year me and Markus moved from a flat in an apartment building to a small row house, and it was in the beginning of September which means we’ve lived in that house for a whole year now. :)

I thought it would be fun to compare so I actually made a little project out of photographing the house every now and then over the months:

My house - Sep 13 2012
September 2012
We moved in on September the 1st. Notice the pretty flowerbeds the previous tennant had arranged.

My house - Oct 4 2012
October 2012
First autumn. I love the colour of the hedge!

My house - Nov 27 2012
November 2012
It has snowed a little.

My house - Dec 1 2012
December 2012
Oops, snowing a lot now.

My house - Jan 13 2013
January 2013

My house - Feb 23 2013
February 2013
There’s the snoman we built. ;)

My house - Mar 19 2013
March 2013
Still snowy.

My house - April 18 2013
April 2013
Oh, it’s starting to melt now.

My house - May 12 2013
May 2013
Can you see the dog? The ground was still hard and cold so I dragged his bed outside.
Spoiled creature. :P

My house - June 23 2013
June 2013
Notice the considerably less pretty flowerbed..? I didn’t know what to plant and then I waited too long and ended up not planting anything and it’s totally not my fault. I’ve never had a flower bed before, it’s intimidating dammit! :(

My house - Aug 28 2013
August 2013
Because I was too busy being on vacation to photograph the house I missed July. :| But it looked pretty much the same as June.

My house - Sep 25 2013
September 25, 2013
And we’re back at autumn. <3 The difference between living on the 3d floor with just a small balcony and living in a house with your own garden is huge. I'm so happy we moved, this place is perfect for us. I hope the next time we move it will be to a bigger house that we own ourselves, but that is probably a few years away.