Being sick and tired of getting newsletters and offers for stuff I don’t care about, I decided to not only clear out my email subscriptions but also go through ALL my accounts for various online sites!

First of all I wrote down every site I could remember or find in my bookmarks/inbox. I decided not to list webshops since you usually get registered by default once you order something and then can’t really unregister.

And you know how many I came up to? 80!! :crazy: I mean… 80? How the hell? I guess it makes some kind of sense considering I listed everything I’ve ever joined during the past 5 or so years online. It’s game sites, message boards, social networks etc. that I’ve registered with just out of curiosity. But it still caught me off guard.

But that wasn’t the real scary part, the real scary part was realising just how many of these I actually use. After deleting everything unnecessary I still had 42 accounts left!
I may not use all of them often, but it’s still stuff I want/need to keep for various reasons. Like a ticket reservation site that I use once a year to buy festival tickets. Or a money transfer site (kinda like a Swedish Paypal) that I’ve only used once in my life, but it’s still a good thing to have if you ever need it.
Or my Threadless account that I keep for all the pretty t-shirts I never can afford to buy and that print design I’ll never ever make :glare:

One very annoying thing I noticed during this was that a lot of sites didn’t allow you to close your accounts. Some sites lets you unregister by simply clicking a button. On some sites you could ask the staff to remove you by sending an email or fill out a form. But a lot of sites stated clearly that “we don’t delete user accounts. Ever”. I know it doesn’t really matter seeing as I could just log out and never log in again. But it kinda irks me that I have several accounts out there just… laying around. With my name and e-mail in them. Like leaving dirty laundry in a corner of the living room.

But still, now I know where I am so to speak. And I even made a document with all my usernames and passwords for future reference. Good girl *pats self on head*