…is that you always have something to laugh at. You have round-the-clock entertainment right there, in your own home! XD

Derp cat

Maja is being herself.

Imaginary Karin - Zappo sleeping

Zappo playing dead in his sleep again, he always has his tongue out and his eyes half open when he sleeps. I have a million photos of him sleeping in various weird positions while making stupid faces.
Maybe I should start a series on this blog? GPOMD, Gratuitous Pictures Of My Dog? ;)

Imaginary Karin - Zappo sleeping

You can’t see it, but the tongue is out again. And notice the zombie eye! He is also slowly pouring out of the bean bag and spilling out onto the floor…


Flamma on the other hand has made it Perfectly Clear that while the cat may be a Lolcat and the dog a Loldog she is not, in any way, a Lolsnake. Period.

Snakes have no sense of humour :<