One of the perks of having pets…

…is that you always have something to laugh at. You have round-the-clock entertainment right there, in your own home! XD

Derp cat

Maja is being herself.

Imaginary Karin - Zappo sleeping

Zappo playing dead in his sleep again, he always has his tongue out and his eyes half open when he sleeps. I have a million photos of him sleeping in various weird positions while making stupid faces.
Maybe I should start a series on this blog? GPOMD, Gratuitous Pictures Of My Dog? ;)

Imaginary Karin - Zappo sleeping

You can’t see it, but the tongue is out again. And notice the zombie eye! He is also slowly pouring out of the bean bag and spilling out onto the floor…


Flamma on the other hand has made it Perfectly Clear that while the cat may be a Lolcat and the dog a Loldog she is not, in any way, a Lolsnake. Period.

Snakes have no sense of humour :<


  1. 27 October 2011

    Awwww!!! You have such cute furry and scaly family. :heart: I absolutely love ’em!

  2. 27 October 2011

    The dog and cat – adorable! The snake – I don’t think I’ll leave any bad comments about her because she appears to be ready to bite me if I do! :P Great photos!

  3. 28 October 2011

    I love my pets, they are an endless fountain of hilarity for me and William. Between my Corgi/Collie who thinks he is a cat, and my cat who thinks she is a dog, my other cat who thinks she is a Vietnam vet and has PTSD attacks and climbs up the walls randomly.

    Then there are all the neighbors who find it funny that when we walk the puppy on his leash around the lake BOTH cats trot after us all the way around the lake and then run back into the house when we get home.

    Animals are weird. XD

  4. 29 October 2011

    Taking pictures of my cat also entertains me a lot! they love to pose ^_^

    Your cat is pretty ^^

    What kind of dog is it? I don’t think I’ve seen this kind before

  5. 29 October 2011

    Så sant, så sant! Husdjur kan vara väldigt underhållane. :) Jag har en mängd märkliga foton på mina katter. Mestadels på dem när de sover på konstiga ställen. I badkaret, på skohyllan, i garderoben etc.

    Lite coolt att du har en zombiehund! ;) Och jag diggar att du har en orm. Tycker ormar är fascinerande djur. Har aldrig förstått varför så många är så rädda för dem.

  6. 30 October 2011

    Oh she has such pretty coloring. Herpa derp my name is Bellllaaaah.

  7. 30 October 2011

    Haha that is so true – pets are amazing entertainment. Even though my cat is still in New York, my husband and I still make jokes and laugh about the adorable and awesome things she used to do. I love your animals!

  8. 30 October 2011

    Haha, I totally agree with you. That picture of your cat is adorable XD When my cat does it I’m always trying to figure out if it’s an invitation for a belly rub or a trap so she can claw my hands, lol

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